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Topic: Apple v. Samsung

Judge denies Apple request for sanctions against Samsung over evidence leak

08/03/2012, 04:08 pm

U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh on Friday ruled against Apple's request to sanction Samsung for sending previously-excluded evidence to the media and warned further "theatrics or sideshows" would not be tolerated.


Phil Schiller relates Apple's struggles to develop iPhone, iPad; shock at Samsung's copies

08/03/2012, 02:08 pm

Apple's senior VP of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller took the stand today, describing Apple's development of the iPhone and iPad at a time when few believed the company could shake up the mobile industry.


Apple accuses Samsung of introducing doctored and misleading exhibits, false claims

08/03/2012, 12:08 pm

Apple has raised a series of objections to Samsung's proposed exhibits intended for use during cross examination today, accusing the company of repeatedly creating evidence that is distorted, obscured or otherwise misleading while also raising false objections to Apple's own evidence.


Apple scrambles to keep Samsung from revealing confidential iPhone, iPad sales documents

08/03/2012, 10:08 am

Apple rushed to file a last minute request with the court to stop Samsung from making public a series of sensitive sales data documents related to the iPhone and iPad when it cross examines Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, later today.


Apple abandoned iPhone with curved glass, iPhone mini over cost and comfort concerns

08/03/2012, 08:08 am

Apple's ongoing patent war with rival Samsung continues to yield troves of information on one of the world's most secretive companies, with testimony from a former design lead revealing that costs prevented Apple from launching its first iPhone design with contoured screens while concerns over consumer comfort put the dagger in plans for an iPhone mini.


Samsung issues rebuttal to Apple's request for sanctions in motion to strike [u]

08/02/2012, 11:08 pm

A late Thursday filing in the Apple v. Samsung trial saw Samsung issue a motion to strike an earlier Apple request which asked the Court hand down sanctions against the South Korean company for providing excluded case evidence to the media.


Apple wants court to rule Samsung infringes on iPhone patents in evidence leak sanctions

08/02/2012, 06:08 pm

In an Apple v. Samsung court filing on Thursday, Apple requested sanctions against Samsung over a recent leak of excluded evidence amount to a favorable ruling of the Cupertino company's claim that the Galaxy maker infringes Apple's phone design patents.


Judge denies Samsung's "2001: A Space Odyssey," Fidler Tablet arguments

08/02/2012, 05:08 pm

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California Judge Lucy Koh issued an order on Thursday denying Samsung's motion to use devices seen in the films "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Tomorrow People" to invalidate Apple's design patents.


Apple to file sanctions over Samsung's evidence 'leak'

08/02/2012, 12:08 am

In a letter to Judge Lucy Koh on Wednesday, Apple said it plans to file an emergency motion for sanctions and "other relief that may be appropriate" as a result of Samsung's issuance of excluded evidence to media outlets earlier this week.


Samsung calls decision to share evidence with media 'ethical' and 'lawful'

08/01/2012, 05:08 pm

In a court-ordered filing on Wednesday, Samsung lawyer John Quinn defended the move to release previously excluded evidence to media outlets on Tuesday, saying the move was both "ethical" and "lawful."


iOS chief Scott Forstall to testify at Apple v. Samsung trial

08/01/2012, 02:08 am

According to a court document filed on Tuesday, Apple Senior Vice President of iOS Software Scott Forstall will testify on behalf of the Cupertino company perhaps as soon as Friday, depending on the length of worldwide marketing exec Phil Schiller's testimony.


Apple designer Chris Stringer reveals dozens of iPhone prototypes at trial

08/01/2012, 12:08 am

During the Apple v. Samsung trial on Tuesday, Apple industrial designer Chris Stringer went over the company's design ethos and revealed a number of prototype iPhone models, some of which he presented in person.


Apple doesn't rely on market research, says marketing chief Phil Schiller

07/31/2012, 09:07 pm

In his brief time on the stand at Tuesday's Apple v. Samsung court proceedings, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller said the company doesn't rely on "typical" market studies to create its products.


Samsung takes excluded evidence to the media, gets reprimanded

07/31/2012, 08:07 pm

Samsung was dressed down in court on Tuesday after the company leaked evidence excluded from the proceedings to media outlets and issued an out-of-court statement saying the exhibits "would have established beyond doubt that Samsung did not copy the iPhone design."


Apple portrays itself as smartphone underdog in Samsung suit opening remarks

07/31/2012, 02:07 pm

In the opening remarks of Apple's patent infringement suit against Samsung, Apple's attorneys have attempted to portray their company as an underdog that changed the smartphone industry with the launch of the iPhone.


Jury selected for Apple and Samsung patent trial

07/30/2012, 07:07 pm

The Apple v. Samsung trial has its jury after a day of whittling down the pool yielded ten jurors who will hear arguments and decide on what is being called one of the most important patent cases in recent U.S. history.


Apple strikes back at Samsung with 2005 iPhone prototype design

07/30/2012, 09:07 am

Countering Samsung's allegations that the iPhone borrowed design elements from Sony, Apple has revealed an iPhone prototype dating back to 2005 that shares many design elements with the iPhone 4 released in 2010.


Samsung's tablets returned after buyers realized they weren't iPads

07/27/2012, 03:07 pm

New documents made public in the legal feud between Apple and Samsung indicate among other things that retailer Best Buy had told Samsung it was processing Galaxy Tab returns from unhappy customers who thought they were getting an iPad.


'Highly confidential' iPad, iPhone prototypes revealed in court documents

07/26/2012, 08:07 pm

Court documents pertaining to Apple's upcoming jury trial against Samsung have revealed a number of very early iPad and iPhone design prototypes, some of which bear resemblance to mock-ups of the company's rumored next-generation handset.


Apple, Samsung briefs yield overview of upcoming trial

07/26/2012, 12:07 am

Apple and Samsung on Wednesday laid bare their respective patent claims and arguments in a pair of court briefs for the high-stakes patent trial set to begin proceedings on Monday, July 30.