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Topic: Current Hardware

Save thousands on 2019 Mac Pro RAM with DIY upgrade

12/13/2019, 02:12 pm

The new Mac Pro can hold up to 1.5 terabytes of memory, but paying Apple's prices for more RAM from the base amount at the time of order can add up to $25,000 to the cost of the workstation. AppleInsider offers some aftermarket upgrades as cheaper alternatives to boost the memory capacity of your new 2019 Mac Pro with a quick DIY upgrade.


Pro Display XDR works on iMac Pro at 5K, not 6K

12/13/2019, 09:12 am

Apple's Pro Display XDR offers a high 6K resolution for the Mac Pro and select Mac and MacBook models, but users of the iMac Pro are only able to use the professional-level monitor at a lower 5K resolution.


Apple details how to install Mac Pro parts, upgrade RAM and more

12/10/2019, 11:12 pm

Following a start to Mac Pro sales, Apple on Tuesday revamped a dedicated support webpage with new informational assets covering a range of Mac Pro-related topics including the upgrade of system memory, installation of PCIe cards and more.


Only use Apple's special cloth to clean Pro Display XDR

12/10/2019, 06:12 pm

Engineered to exacting tolerances using only the best materials and cutting-edge processes, Apple's Pro Display XDR is a special piece of equipment. And to protect the $5,999 nano-texture version, Apple recommends using only the special cloth that comes in the box.


Afterburner card is a $2,000 add-on for the Mac Pro, and wheels are $400

12/10/2019, 12:12 pm

The Afterburner card, an optional add-on for the Mac Pro that helps improve the video-editing experience, is priced at $2,000 when ordered preinstalled in the new modular Mac workstation. And, then, there's the $400 wheels.


Apple's $5,999 modular Mac Pro now available to order

12/10/2019, 12:12 pm

Apple has put its new Mac Pro up for order, with the redesigned and modular edition of the high-performance workstation available to buy starting from $5,999, with the first units expected to arrive in late December.


Apple gets FCC approval for Mac Pro tower, and rack-mount version

12/09/2019, 10:12 am

The Federal Communication Commission has given the all-clear for the Mac Pro, with both the tower and rack-mounted version of the Mac workstation clearing regulatory checks for radio frequency emissions.


Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR orders start December 10

12/07/2019, 08:12 pm

Content creators and professional Mac users will be able to start placing orders for the new modular Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR from Tuesday, December 10.


Apple confirms 16-inch MacBook Pro 'popping' sound is software issue

12/06/2019, 07:12 pm

Apple in a document sent to service providers this week confirmed recent reports of "popping" or "clicking" noises emanating from new 16-inch MacBook Pro models, saying the issue stems from a software bug that will be patched in a future macOS update.


Editorial: Pro Display XDR and Apple's Grand Stand

11/27/2019, 09:11 am

The internet lost its mind in June when Apple's VP of hardware engineering John Ternus debuted the company's new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR. For professionals, it was because of the bold new leap Apple was making to support real pro workflows. To content bloggers, it was an outrage that Apple's new $5,000 display dared to ship separately from its bespoke $999 aluminum stand. How dare Apple charge so much without some elaborate scheme to hide the real price?


How Apple survived the flawgic-filled 2010s, butterflies and all

11/25/2019, 03:11 pm

It's been a wild decade. Ten years ago, Apple was perched at what was imagined to be the peak of iOS, surrounded by Windows PC vendors, Android phone makers, and a chirping brood of analysts and pundits all tweeting the perils Apple faced-- now that its competition was about to get Really Serious. Incredibly, these clowns-of-a-feather are still making their honking sounds together ten years later.


Observers stew as Apple leaves Trump's claims on 'opening' Mac Pro factory unchallenged

11/21/2019, 12:11 pm

From frequent meetings to "Tim Apple," Apple CEO Tim Cook and President Donald Trump have had a cordial relationship. The events at yesterday's plant in Texas are leading many to ask questions about whether that's still tenable.


Mac Pro in retail packaging spotted at Austin factory [u]

11/20/2019, 10:11 pm

Ivanka Trump was with her father, President Donald Trump, when he toured Apple's Mac Pro factory on Wednesday, and as she is wont, she snapped a few photos.


AMD's $799 Radeon Pro W5700 offers a potential GPU alternative for the Mac Pro

11/19/2019, 09:11 am

AMD has updated its workstation graphics card lineup ahead of the launch of the new Mac Pro, with the Radeon Pro W5700 line using AMD's high-performance RDNA graphics architecture and offering up to six display outputs, including one over USB-C.


Teardown of 16-inch MacBook Pro reveals tough-to-repair construction

11/18/2019, 04:11 pm

The changes Apple made in the 16-inch MacBook Pro are more than just a larger display and an updated keyboard, with a full teardown of the model revealing the plethora of changes made to keep the new workhorse cool under heavy loads.


Teardown shows 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard's revised mechanism

11/16/2019, 10:11 am

An initial teardown of the 16-inch MacBook Pro offers a close examination of the new keyboard mechanism used in the model, with the scissor mechanism deemed to be a massive improvement over the prior butterfly mechanism.


Should you upgrade to the 16-inch MacBook Pro?

11/14/2019, 04:11 pm

Now that Apple's late-2019 16-inch MacBook Pro is available to order, AppleInsider breaks down who should and who shouldn't upgrade to the newest portable powerhouse.


AirPods Pro gain first firmware update since release

11/14/2019, 02:11 pm

Apple has released its first firmware update for the AirPods Pro since shipping the audio accessories, with the update gradually rolling out and automatically updating on shipped units.


Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro reveals its future direction

11/14/2019, 09:11 am

Apple's decision to radically redesign its largest and most powerful MacBook Pro just six months after its last refresh tells us a lot about how the company plans its hardware strategy and what factors drive its engineering.


AMD details the 16-inch MacBook Pro's Radeon Pro 5000M-series GPUs

11/13/2019, 01:11 pm

AMD has revealed the specifications of the new Radeon Pro 5000M-series GPU options available in the just-launched 16-inch MacBook Pro, with the Radeon Pro 5300M and 5500M offering better graphics performance and an option for up to 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM.