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Topic: iPhone 3G

Apple's App Store sees first month sales of $30 million

08/11/2008, 08:08 am

Users of Apple's new App Store have downloaded more than 60 million programs, generating a total of about $30 million in sales since the service launched one month ago, according to Apple chief executive Steve Jobs.


Apple releases new iPhone 2.1 beta as crackers break 2.0.1

08/09/2008, 11:08 am

Apple has issued a third beta of its iPhone 2.1 upgrade but is being characteristically secretive with details of what it changes. Simultaneously, however, the just-launched 2.0.1 firmware has already been cracked to allow unofficial apps.


Inside MobileMe: Secrets of the Cloud and Mobile Push

08/08/2008, 09:08 am

While Apple's previous .Mac service left many unclear as to what it offered beyond email and web hosting, its value under the new identity of MobileMe is far easier to communicate. MobileMe is all about push messaging, delivering immediate updates to mobile iPhone users over the air for their mailbox, calendars, and contacts as well as web bookmarks. This segment in the Inside MobileMe series looks at how the various components of the MobileMe service work together.


IBM expands Lotus Notes Mac support to iPhone (screenshots)

08/07/2008, 06:08 pm

IBM has unveiled a sneak peek of its new Lotus iNotes, a web app client for its Lotus Domino messaging server to bring email, calendar, and contacts to iPhone. The move fulfills rumors of customized iPhone support for Lotus Notes and demonstrates IBM's evolving interest in Apple within the enterprise.


iPhone coming to 10 more Latin American countries on Aug 22

08/07/2008, 02:08 pm

America Movil said this week it will launch the iPhone in 10 additional Latin American countries later this month, bringing the roster of nations known to be participating in Apple's second phase iPhone 3G launch to 17.


Inside iPhone 2.0: MobileMe Push Messaging

08/07/2008, 10:08 am

Here's a look at how Apple transformed its .Mac service into MobileMe and why the launch failed so spectacularly. In a followup segment, we'll dive deeper into how MobileMe works, how it compares to competing services, how the service delivers push messaging to the iPhone 2.0 software, and whether it's worth the annual subscription price.


New software would let iPhones access iTunes libraries from anywhere

08/07/2008, 09:08 am

A new version of Apple's iPhone Software could provide iPhone and iPod touch users with access to their home computer's entire iTunes media library while on the go without having to first download those media items through a traditional sync, a new company filing has revealed.


Gartner approves iPhone for limited enterprise use

08/06/2008, 11:08 pm

Market research firm Gartner said this week that Apple's iPhone Firmware 2.0 update meets its criteria for 'appliance-level support status' for big businesses, but warned enterprises to approach expanded use of the handset slowly and with close examination.


India, Czech, Estonia, Poland also set for Aug 22 iPhone launch

08/06/2008, 10:08 am

Wireless carriers in India, the Czech Republic, Estonia, and Poland have joined those in Romania, the Philippines, and Hungary by announcing local availability of Apple's iPhone starting on August 22nd.


Inside iPhone 2.0: the new iPhone App Store

08/06/2008, 09:08 am

The long wait for official third party apps on the iPhone is over. From the moment the original iPhone was released, critics complained about Apple's closed platform and insisted that it could not meet their definition of "smartphone" because it couldn't run software created by other companies. In this segment, we'll take a look at the Apple's iPhone software development kit, the App Store, and iPhone 2.0's third party apps themselves.


Romania, Philippines, Hungary on tap for Aug 22 iPhone 3G launch

08/06/2008, 08:08 am

The iPhone will make its way to Romania, the Philippines, and Hungary during the second phase of Apple's international iPhone 3G rollout later this month, local carriers announced on Wednesday.


Inside iPhone 2.0: iPhone OS vs. other mobile platforms

08/05/2008, 09:08 am

As described in the previous segment introducing iPhone 2.0 software, Apple's latest mobile operating system reference release delivered a range of major and minor new features, but not without failing to address some long standing issues. Even worse, the initial version of the new iPhone 2.0 has eroded away the facade of near flawlessness Apple rolled out with the original iPhone last year, resulting in a product that is simply harder to be unreservedly enthusiastic about. This segment will compare the features exposed and architecturally available in the iPhone OS, and how it stacks up against other smartphone platforms.


Apple releases iPhone, iPod touch 2.0.1 Software Updates

08/04/2008, 08:08 pm

Apple on Monday evening released iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update, the first maintenance and security update for iPhone 3Gs and first-generation iPhones running iPhone Software 2.0. iPod touch 2.0.1 has also been released.


Apple already building iPhones at rate of 40 million a year?

08/04/2008, 10:08 am

Apple is reportedly testing the limits of its overseas manufacturing facilities in order to keep up with demand for the new iPhone 3G, with production already cranked nearly sevenfold compared to the first-generation model.


Inside iPhone 2.0: the new iPhone 3G Software

08/04/2008, 08:08 am

With the iPhone 3G hardware, Apple significantly improved upon last year's original iPhone. It also extended many of the benefits of its newest model to existing users in the form of the iPhone 2.0 software update (which is also available to current iPod touch users for a nominal $10 fee). This segment presents what's new in the 2.0 software, what hasn't changed, what's missing, what's wrong, and how it compares to other smartphone software platforms on the market.


Microsoft 10K warns of iPhone, Mac threats as iPhone nears 1.1% share

08/03/2008, 10:08 am

A Microsoft filing with the US government reveals a newfound worry that the Windows developer's traditional stance of selling software alone won't work against an increasingly profitable Apple -- a concern that may magnify as iPhone 3G pushes Apple's cellular market share past one percent worldwide.


Telecoms fight for the right to party with iPhone 3G

08/02/2008, 10:08 am

Apple's iPhone 3G is exciting more than just tech-savvy consumers wanting to play with the latest gadget. Worldwide, mobile service providers are fighting tooth and nail for the right to sell the new iPhone because of its ability to attract new customers and sell them on data service plans, which providers have previously found to be a difficult sell.


AT&T may hold on to exclusive iPhone deal until 2010

08/01/2008, 08:08 pm

In what may be a rare peek at negotiations between Apple and carriers, a prominent newspaper claims AT&T agreed to hefty iPhone 3G subsidies on the condition that it remained the lone US carrier for the handset until 2010.


Ten step guide to sharing your iPhone's connection with NetShare

08/01/2008, 06:08 pm

A tiny company called Nullriver today released what is arguably one of the most useful iPhone applications to date: NetShare. With a tiny bit of configuring, the $10 software allows you to share your iPhone's EDGE or 3G connection with your Mac notebook (or any computer in general). We've compiled an illustrated 10-step guide that we hope will simplify the configuration process and provide an overview of the software for those who may be considering it as a purchase.


New app lets your Mac share your iPhone's internet connection

08/01/2008, 03:08 pm

A new iPhone application available for download on the App Store will let your Mac or PC share the internet connection provided by your iPhone or iPhone 3G.