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Topic: Rogers

CEO of Canada's Rogers sees 'anemic' demand for Apple's iPhone 8

10/19/2017, 03:10 pm

The CEO of Canadian communications giant Rogers said that the company is so far seeing "anemic" demand for Apple's iPhone 8, potentially adding to the evidence that global sales are soft.


Rogers, BCE rumored to already have Apple 'iTV' prototype in their labs

02/06/2012, 09:02 pm

A new report claims Canadian telecoms Rogers and Bell Canada have an early version of a much-rumored Apple television set in their labs and are in negotiations with the company to enter into a partnership for the device.


Canadian iBookstore approved, Rogers to unlock iPhones

12/15/2010, 01:12 am

The Canadian government has formally approved the Canadian version of the iBookstore, while wireless carrier Rogers has begun unlocking iPhones for customers that have finished their contract or purchased the handset unsubsidized.


Canadian iPhone 3G S buyers get late discount, Apple store option

06/18/2009, 10:06 pm

With just hours to go before the iPhone 3G S reaches its stores, Canadian provider Rogers and its sister brand Fido have promised heavy discounts for existing iPhone 3G customers trading up to the faster model. Also, Apple stores in the country will finally let customers buy the devices there instead of carrier stores.


32GB iPhone listed as AT&T trade-in; Rogers in launch prep?

05/22/2009, 10:05 pm

An AT&T upgrade program for BlackBerries has listed a 32GB iPhone as a trade-in option. Simultaneously, Canadian cellular provider Rogers may be preparing for another summer iPhone release.


Rogers says quarter million iPhones sold in Canada

10/28/2008, 11:10 am

Rogers Wireless, Apple's exclusive iPhone provider in Canada, said Tuesday that September quarter sales of the touchscreen handset totaled more than a quarter million units, boosting both its subscriber count and average user revenue.


Rogers commits to purchasing $150M in iPhones from Apple

07/29/2008, 12:07 pm

Rogers Wireless said Tuesday it wasn't expecting the opportunity to market the iPhone to its Canadian customers this year, but jumped at Apple's sudden offer with a commitment to purchase at least $150 million worth of the handsets.


Apple stores faced with iPhone 3G outages, lineups at day's end

07/11/2008, 11:07 pm

Supply limits and activation woes have left multiple Apple retail outlets short of iPhone 3G stock or else with lengthy lineups, even towards the end of the phone's first day on sale.


UK Apple stores to sell iPhone 3G on launch after all

07/09/2008, 08:07 pm

Casting aside worries that iPhone 3G buyers in Britain would have to shop at O2 and Carphone Warehouse, a new report claims Apple UK will sell the devices itself -- albeit with an important catch.


Rogers to offer Canadians limited time $30 6GB iPhone 3G data plan

07/09/2008, 10:07 am

Rogers Wireless and its carrier partner Fido have announced that iPhone 3G buyers concerned about data usage on their new handsets can subscribed to a $30 per month 6GB data plan through a limited time promotion.


Spat with Rogers leaves Canadian Apple stores without iPhones

07/08/2008, 10:07 am

Apple, disgusted with Rogers Wireless for dumping egregious service plans on would-be iPhone 3G buyers, has decided that its Canadian retail stores will have no part in helping the carrier market the new handset to customers, AppleInsider has learned.


Apple allegedly sanctioning Rogers for iPhone rates

07/06/2008, 05:07 pm

After raising the ire of its customers with what are believed to be overly expensive iPhone 3G plans, Canadian provider Rogers Wireless is allegedly being punished by Apple with fewer shipments.


Rogers says Canadian iPhone 3G plans to start at $60 for 150 mins

06/27/2008, 10:06 am

Rogers Wireless, Canada's exclusive service provider for Apple's upcoming iPhone 3G handset, announced Friday that monthly service plans for the new touch-screen handset will start at $60 for 150 anytime minutes, 75 outgoing text messages, and 400 megabytes of internet data.


It's official: Rogers to bring iPhone to Canada later this year

04/29/2008, 08:04 am

Canadian wireless carrier Rogers Wireless said Tuesday it has reached an agreement with Apple to begin offering the iPhone later this year, putting an end to months of speculation on the subject.


Rogers unlimited data plan an inroad for iPhone in Canada?

02/05/2008, 11:02 am

Canadian wireless carrier Rogers Communications, often criticized for its exorbitant data rates, has just introduced a $20 per month unlimited data plan that could knock out one more barrier to an official iPhone launch in Canada.


Intel chief a Mac user; Leopard retail teaser; iPhone in Canada

10/24/2007, 10:10 am

Intel chief executive Paul Otellini in a new interview concedes to being a Mac and iPhone user. Meanwhile, Apple has issued a Leopard retail teaser. And a new contest hints that iPhone could arrive in Canada as early as January.


Exorbitant data rates keeping iPhone out of Canada?

07/10/2007, 01:07 pm

Steep wireless data rates may be the primary reason Canadians have not yet been treated to Apple Inc.'s revolutionary iPhone handset, according to one expert.


Best Buy claims iPhone on its way to Canada

07/09/2007, 10:07 am

Apple Inc.'s well-received iPhone handset will soon be in the hands of Canadian customers, according to Best Buy.


Apple gets new EU extension; iPhone dock; 7.6 percent Mac share

06/20/2007, 06:06 pm

Apple Inc. has received a second but only partial lifeline in its European iTunes antitrust affair. Meanwhile, Apple's addition of YouTube has slipped out a few other updates, and the Mac may be reaching its highest marketshare level in years.


Rogers casts doubts on iPhone for Canada

04/04/2007, 04:04 pm

Rogers Wireless Inc., the only wireless service provider in Canada with a network suited to meld with Apple Inc.'s upcoming iPhone handset, is now dismissing the notion that it would sell the hotly anticipated device as "speculation."