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Mophie's juice pack helium battery case gets 5 new colors for Apple's iPhone 5

Apple device accessory maker mophie recently announced the expansion of color options for its juice pack helium line of battery-extending cases for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 owners looking to pump extra life into their smartphone batteries will now have the option of choosing from a total of seven differently colored juice pack helium cases. The new color options will carry the same features as the original juice pack helium offerings, but with a more vibrant flair.

Users can now choose blue, purple, pink, green, or red for their juice pack helium cases. Those five are in addition to the existing dark metallic and silver options. The new colors feature a matte finish and jewel tone with the same protective aspects as before.

The juice pack helium is an ultra-thin battery case, but the battery extension it packs inside boosts total battery capacity for phone and juice pack to nearly 3000mAh. That allows for up to six additional hours of talk time on 3G, seven extra hours on Wi-Fi, 30 more hours of audio playback, or up to seven hours of extra video playback.

It also features an LED power indicator, standby switch, microUSB charging port, access to all iPhone 5 ports and buttons, a 3.5mm audio jack adapter, and forward-facing acoustical speakers that redirect sound from the bottom of the phone toward the user.

The new juice pack helium retails for $80 on mophie's site. The device sells with a one-year warranty. All seven color options are listed as available, and the device ships within 1-2 days.