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Topic: Mac OS X

Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Screen Sharing adds drag and drop file transfers

02/23/2012, 12:02 am

Remote Screen Sharing is enhanced in this summer's release of OS X Mountain Lion, adding support for drag and drop file transfers between the viewer and the remote desktop and enhancing support for virtual displays.


Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Dashboard gets iOS-style widget organization

02/22/2012, 05:02 pm

Dashboard gets a Launchpad-style widget organization feature in this summer's release of OS X Mountain Lion, offering a standardized user interface that will be more familiar to iOS users.


China Telecom expected to sell 3-5 million iPhones, Mountain Lion to reinforce iPhone "halo"

02/22/2012, 05:02 pm

Apple's newest partner in China is expected to sell 3-5 million iPhones this year, boosting Apple's momentum during the summer while the release of OS X Mountain Lion will reinforce the iPhone's halo effect over Mac sales, writes analyst Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital.


Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Apple overhauls software updates, App Store

02/22/2012, 03:02 pm

System updates are now sensibly converged with a refreshed App Store in this summer's release of OS X Mountain Lion, centralizing software updates and adding automatic app installs for all your iCloud-registered Macs.


Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Enhanced Printing & Scanning

02/21/2012, 09:02 pm

Printing and scanning will be enhanced in this summer's release of OS X Mountain Lion, offering a cleaner user interface with simplified menu bar buttons.


Mountain Lion focuses on Cocoa, drops X11 and deprecates Carbon Core

02/18/2012, 12:02 pm

In a continuation of its efforts to prune OS X of bundled support for alternative platforms to instead focus on Cocoa, Apple's Mountain Lion depreciates more Carbon APIs and drops X11, although users will still be able to install support for running X Window System apps.


Apple ends physical media OS distribution with Mountain Lion

02/17/2012, 04:02 pm

After testing the waters by distributing Mac OS X Lion via the Mac App Store or an OS-toting USB drive, it seems Apple is ready to ditch physical media altogether and will only be offering digital downloads of OS X Mountain Lion.


New York Times gets Gizmodo treatment from Apple after negative reports

02/17/2012, 01:02 am

The New York Times appears to have lost its invitation to the Apple party in a vein similar to Gawker Media's Gizmodo blog, after printing a series of scathing reports that described the company as indifferent to terrible worker conditions in China.


With Mountain Lion, Apple officially drops 'Mac' from OS X name

02/16/2012, 10:02 pm

After priming the transition with "OS X" trademark applications years ago, Apple has now confirmed that the word "Mac" is no longer part of the name of its flagship desktop operating system.


Mountain Lion signals end of OS X support for older Macs

02/16/2012, 04:02 pm

In its announcement of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on Thursday, Apple failed to mention that a handful of Macs that will be cut from the fold when the next generation operating system debuts this summer due to end of support for older Intel integrated graphics chipsets.


Mountain Lion brings new iOS-like file handling, iCloud App Library features

02/16/2012, 04:02 pm

OS X Mountain Lion brings a new document handling experience to the Mac platform that offers an iOS-like, iCloud-based alternative to the conventional file system.


Share Sheets, Twitter integration to make Mountain Lion more social

02/16/2012, 04:02 pm

While system-wide Twitter integration debuted in iOS 5 and is now coming to Mountain Lion, the new Share Sheets feature in OS X 10.8 will also allow users to quickly share links, photos and videos in a variety of ways.


Gatekeeper is hidden in OS X 10.7.3 Lion, developers can preview it now

02/16/2012, 03:02 pm

Though it will formally debut later this year in Mountain Lion, Apple has secretly included its new Gatekeeper feature in OS X 10.7.3 Lion, and developers can enable it now to test it.


Mac OS X Mountain Lion release signals shift in secrecy at Apple

02/16/2012, 01:02 pm

Apple's upcoming "Mountain Lion" release of Mac OS X 10.8 is borrowing a feature from Microsoft: the prerelease software is being shown to journalists before developers.


Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper to bring optional app restrictions to OS X

02/16/2012, 11:02 am

The new behind-the-scenes Gatekeeper security feature in the upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is one of the most anticipated additions to the operating system upgrade Apple unveiled on Thursday because it provides users with additional security options for installing and running third-party applications.


Game Center for Mountain Lion to offer cross-platform play between Mac, iOS

02/16/2012, 10:02 am

With the addition of Game Center to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac users will be able to play online competitively and cooperatively against gamers who have the same title for iOS.


Apple bringing Macs to the living room with AirPlay for Mountain Lion

02/16/2012, 10:02 am

Apple plans to break down the barriers between the Mac and HDTVs with its forthcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion operating system update, which will bring the AirPlay Mirroring feature currently found on iOS to the Mac.


Apple unveils Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion coming this summer with 100+ new features

02/16/2012, 08:02 am

Apple on Thursday announced Mac OS X 10.8, dubbed "Mountain Lion," the next major release of its Mac operating system, set to launch on the Mac App Store this summer, with a preview now available for Mac developers.


Apple continues adding Lion Internet Recovery support to 2010 Macs

02/08/2012, 12:02 am

Apple on Tuesday released several EFI firmware updates for its 2010 Macs to enable the Lion Internet Recovery feature to the older machines.


Apple intern's thesis leaks secret project to port Mac OS X to ARM processors

02/07/2012, 12:02 am

An academic paper written by a former Apple intern who now serves as a Core OS engineer at the company has revealed that it was working on a secret experiment to port Mac OS X Snow Leopard to the ARM architecture.