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Topic: Security

Security experts release software to attack Android phones

07/30/2010, 07:07 pm

A tool for attacking devices running Google's Android operating system was released by security researchers today at the Defcon hackers conference in Las Vegas.


Millions of Android users hit by malicious data theft app (u)

07/29/2010, 12:07 am

An app distributed by Google's Android Market has collected private data from millions of users and forwarded it to servers China, validating Apple's uniquely strong stance on mobile security in the iPhone App Store.


Apple tightens iPhone App Store security

07/27/2010, 03:07 am

Responding to piracy problems in the iTunes App Store, Apple has instituted stronger security measures to protect users' accounts.


Apple quietly includes malware prevention update in Mac OS X 10.6.4

06/18/2010, 12:06 pm

Apple silently updated its Snow Leopard malware protection in this week's Mac OS X 10.6.4 update, targeting a Trojan that disguises itself as iPhoto.


Hackers fire back at AT&T, say all iPads at risk to Safari hole

06/14/2010, 04:06 pm

Disgruntled at having been characterized as 'malicious' by AT&T, the group of hackers who exploited a hole in the wireless operator's website last week have fired back by accusing both AT&T and Apple of acting irresponsibly in regard to iPad security.


AT&T sends out iPad 3G email leak acknowledgment

06/13/2010, 10:06 pm

Following the web attack that enabled black hat hackers to obtain a list of private email addresses of its iPad 3G subscribers, AT&T has mailed out a vaguely apologetic acknowledgment of the event explaining what happened.


FBI investigating AT&T security breach that revealed iPad owner emails

06/10/2010, 07:06 pm

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Thursday that it has begun a probe into an AT&T security breach that exposed the email address of over 100,000 registered iPad owners.


AT&T website hack leaks iPad 3G user emails [u]

06/09/2010, 05:06 pm

Black hat hackers have exploited a security flaw on AT&T's web servers which enabled them to obtain email addresses from the SIM card addresses of iPad 3G users. (Updated with statement from AT&T)


Apple's iPhone, Safari exploited at annual hacking contest

03/25/2010, 02:03 pm

Virtually every major browser and operating system were targets at this week's "Pwn2Own" hacking contest, with Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8 vulnerabilities exploited, along with flaws in the iPhone OS.


Apple recruits former Microsoft, Mozilla security chief

03/02/2010, 08:03 am

The former security chief for the Mozilla Corporation and security lead for Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2 has moved on to Apple, where she will serve as the senior security product manager, according to a new report.


Apple updates Boot Camp with Windows 7 support

01/19/2010, 05:01 pm

Apple on Tuesday updated its Boot Camp software and issued new drivers and utilities to allow users to run Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7. The Mac maker also issued its first security update of 2010, addressing 12 vulnerabilities.


Malicious worm attacks, steals data from jailbroken iPhones

11/23/2009, 08:11 am

iPhones with modified software could be vulnerable to a new, malicious worm that can allow remote access and control without the owner's knowledge or permission.


First-known iPhone worm 'Rickrolls' jailbroken Apple handsets

11/09/2009, 07:11 am

The iPhone's first worm -- a playful, wallpaper-changing prank that only affects jailbroken phones -- could be a sign of more dangerous things to come.


Apple looks to hire new iPhone OS security manager

11/05/2009, 02:11 pm

As hackers continue to exploit the iPhone platform to run unauthorized code, Apple is in the process of hiring a new security manager to help lock down its mobile operating system.


Apple's Snow Leopard upgrades Mac OS X, downgrades Flash

09/03/2009, 08:09 am

While Snow Leopard makes a number of improvements to Apple's Mac OS X machines, for those who have kept Adobe Flash up to date, installing the new operating system will reportedly downgrade the software.


Snow Leopard to warn Apple users of malware - reports

08/26/2009, 07:08 am

Only days before the launch of Apple's upcoming operating system upgrade, Snow Leopard, numerous online reports have alleged that the final build includes an anti-malware feature.


Apple aware of iPhone OS 3.0 e-mail security bug

08/18/2009, 09:08 am

The act of deleting an e-mail within iPhone OS 3.0 isn't enough to destroy its contents, and Apple is reportedly aware of the flaw and could be working on a fix.


Hack can open up iPhone to push messaging exploit

07/22/2009, 04:07 pm

While a variety of sources have published a story accusing the iPhone 3.0 software of broadcasting instant messages to random iPhones, in reality this exploit affects only users who have hacked their phone and made it vulnerable.


Apple working to fix unreleased iPhone SMS exploit

07/02/2009, 03:07 pm

Tipped off by a Mac OS X security expert, Apple is working to repair a serious security flaw in the iPhone’s operating system – one that could allow an attacker to track the phone’s location via GPS, eavesdrop on conversations via the microphone, or create a mobile bot net capable of unleashing denial of service attacks.


Apple plugs critical Java security hole affecting Tiger, Leopard

06/15/2009, 05:06 pm

Apple on Monday finally got around to patching a widely-publicized security flaw in the version of Java shipping with Mac OS X, which could leave a Mac open to attack while browsing the web.