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Topic: Security

Apple, Google detail mobile privacy policies before US Senate subcommittee

05/10/2011, 12:05 pm

Apple Vice President of Software Technology Guy L. "Bud" Tribble spoke to members of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, and reiterated his company's position that it makes user privacy one of its highest priorities. He also revealed methods the company uses to ensure developers follow the rules, including random audits of App Store software.


Apple's VP of software technology to be witness at US congressional hearing

05/06/2011, 12:05 pm

Guy L. "Bud" Tribble, Apple's vice president of software technology, is scheduled to appear at a congressional hearing on mobile privacy on May 10.


Apple releases iOS 4.3.3 with fixes for location database controversy

05/04/2011, 01:05 pm

Apple on Wednesday released iOS 4.3.3 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, addressing issues related to location data stored in a database file on devices running iOS 4.


Apple to address iPhone location concerns with quick release of iOS 4.3.3

05/02/2011, 10:05 am

Apple promised last week to release a software update to address a location tracking bug in its iOS mobile operating system, and a pre-release build of iOS 4.3.3 indicates the company is acting quickly to release the update.


New malware attacks Mac OS X users through Apple Safari browser

05/02/2011, 10:05 am

Newly discovered malicious software dubbed "MACDefender" takes aim at users of the Mac OS X operating system by automatically downloading a file through JavaScript. But users must also agree to install the software, leaving the potential threat limited.


Apple executives defend crowdsourced data collection in building new iPhone features

04/27/2011, 05:04 pm

In an interview focusing on the issue of access to users' location data, Apple executives defended the concept of collecting anonymous data to provide valuable new services in the future.


Steve Jobs outlines Apple's efforts to clarify iPhone location tracking issue

04/27/2011, 03:04 pm

In an interview with Wall Street Journal blogger Ina Fried, Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs explained the steps his company took to respond to the explosion of interest in reports concerning how iOS devices use location services.


Steve Jobs speaks out on iOS location issue: Apple isn't tracking anyone

04/27/2011, 01:04 pm

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs gave a rare interview this week as his company combats a firestorm of publicity regarding a location database file stored by the iOS operating system, and he reaffirmed that Apple has not been tracking anyone.


Apple issues statement on iOS location controversy, says fix is coming

04/27/2011, 08:04 am

Apple on Wednesday responded to growing concern over a bug in the iOS mobile operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad, informing customers that it is not tracking them and revealing that it will address the issue with a forthcoming software update.


Apple, Google called to U.S. Senate hearing on mobile privacy

04/25/2011, 08:04 pm

As the controversy over persistent location tracking in the iPhone and Google Android devices continues to surge, representatives from Apple and Google have been summoned to a Senate judiciary hearing on mobile technology privacy in May.


iOS location data prompts investigations of Apple in South Korea, Europe

04/25/2011, 09:04 am

A file with a comprehensive list of visited locations saved locally on users' iPhones has prompted investigations of Apple from numerous governments, including France, Germany, Italy and South Korea.


Government officials voice concern to Apple over location tracking

04/21/2011, 09:04 pm

U.S. Senator Al Franken and Congressman Ed Markey have sent letters to Apple CEO Steve Jobs expressing concern over recent reports that Apple's iOS 4 maintains a database with detailed location information, while several European officials are planning investigations into the practice.


iOS location tracking file likely a bug, Apple could address issue with next udpate

04/21/2011, 12:04 pm

A file that stores a detailed history of the approximate location an iPhone or 3G-equipped iPad has been is a result of a bug in the iOS operating system, and could be addressed by Apple in the next iOS update, according to a new report.


Researchers raise privacy concerns over location tracking in Apple's iOS 4

04/20/2011, 12:04 pm

Security researchers have discovered that Apple's iOS 4 mobile operating system, found on both the iPhone and iPad, keeps a log of user's locations and saves the data to a hidden file on the device.


Apple rumored to issue iOS 4.3.1 with security, bug fixes within two weeks

03/21/2011, 01:03 pm

Apple is expected to release a minor update to its mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad, iOS 4.3.1, in the next few weeks to address bugs and plug security holes, according to a new rumor.


Apple expected to release iOS 4.3.1 'soon' to patch Safari vulnerability

03/11/2011, 03:03 pm

On the heels of the release of iOS 4.3, Apple is expected to introduce an incremental update for its mobile devices, including the new iPad 2, to patch a newly discovered security hole in the Safari Web browser.


Security firm details new Trojan written for Apple's Mac OS X

02/28/2011, 09:02 am

Hackers have written a new "backdoor Trojan" targeted specifically at Apple's Mac OS X operating system that can allow remote operations and password "phishing," as Mac sales and market share continue to grow.


Inside Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Apple exposing beta to security experts for review

02/25/2011, 02:02 pm

Apple is inviting security experts to examine its developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, apparently the first time it has expanded beyond its core developers to expose its new software to community scrutiny.


Researchers demo ability to steal passwords by jailbreaking Apple's iPhone

02/10/2011, 10:02 am

Researchers from Germany have demonstrated a way to quickly retrieve passwords from the stored keychain of a locked iPhone or iPad by obtaining the device and jailbreaking it.


Apple hires former NSA, Navy analyst as security czar

01/23/2011, 11:01 pm

In response to calls for increased security from enterprise clients, Apple has hired cybersecurity expert and author David Rice as its director of global security, a new report claims.