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Apple ads hint at thinner iMacs, lighter MacBooks, cheaper Mac minis [u]

First on AppleInsider: A trio of online advertisements that appear to have been published prematurely by one of Apple's international online stores suggest it's only a matter of days before the Mac maker takes the wraps off of new families of ultra-thin iMacs, lighter & thinner plastic MacBooks, and more affordable Mac minis [Updated with other countries].

The Netherlands-based Google Ad Sense ads, which can be seen below along with their Dutch to English translations, cropped up on earlier this weekend and direct shoppers to the localized version of the Apple Store, where the advertised products are not available.

Assuming the ads were indeed commissioned by Cupertino-based Apple, they'd corroborate a series of forward looking hardware reports first published by AppleInsider over the past several months. These include expectations of thinner iMacs, redesigned polycarbonate MacBooks with thinner, sleeker enclosures, and speed-bumped Mac minis.

The new offerings are also expected to be accompanied by redesigns of the company's Mighty Mouse and Apple Remote, as well as aluminum wireless keyboards.

In recent weeks, Apple has informed its direct and indirect sales channels of constraints on MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac minis. Many of the company's resellers are also sold out of iMacs and Mac minis and have been given restocking estimates of October 7th and 9th for those two products, respectively, suggesting a formal announcement regarding these Mac hardware refreshes could come as early as this Tuesday.

Some Apple retail stores also reportedly received new signage in the past 48 hours that's not to be opened or displayed until further notice.


Dutch: Apple's Nieuwste MacBook. Dunner, lichter en krachtiger! Gratis bezorging. Bestel vandaag.

English: Apple's Newest MacBook. Thinner, lighter and faster! Free delivery. Order today.


Dutch:De Splinternieuwe iMac. Ultradunne 20 & 24 inch modellen. Vanaf slechts €1099. Apple Store

English: The Brand new iMac. Ultra Thin 20 & 24 inch models. From only € 1099. Apple Store

Apple Store leak

Mac mini

Dutch: Apple's Nieuwe Mac Mini. Sneller en betaalbaarder dan ooit. Vanaf slechts €499. Bestel meteen.

English: Apple's New Mac Mini. Faster and more affordable than ever. From only € 499. Order immediately.

Note: The cheapest Mac mini currently sells for € 599 on the Netherlands online store.

Update: An ad for the new iMac can also be found via a search on the Italian Google Web site at a price of 1099 €. In addition references to a "new white MacBook" can be found on the German and Austrian sites.

Apple Store leak

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