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Apple said to be looking into reported iTunes 9 iPod sync issues


After various claims of iTunes 9 sync causing crashes and other issues with some iPods, Apple is reportedly looking into the matter for a potential fix.

AppleInsider first reported sync issues between the iPod classic and iTunes 9 in September, soon after the software's release. At the time, users experienced a number of issues, including the iPod crashing when a sync is attempted.

In addition, some readers said their iPod classic was ejecting itself, or not being recognized by iTunes altogether. Numerous threads on the Apple Support forums (1, 2, 3, 4) have grown since the issues first arose. Various potential fixes were reported among some users, but none seemed to resolve the problems for all who experienced them.

Now, according to, Apple has confirmed that they are "aware of the issue and are investigating." Previously, Apple had offered no comment.

The report claims that issues have extended beyond the iPod classic and also affect the iPod nano. Previous-generation iPod nanos were said to sync slowly, or crash and return an error message.

iTunes 9 was released alongside an iPod refresh in early September. The update to the media suite added improved home sharing, a redesigned iTunes Store with cleaner layout, and automatically created Genius Mixes.

The new iPod lineup introduced in September included a 160GB iPod classic for $249. The higher-capacity hard drive-based model carries the same thin profile as its 120GB predecessor. The fifth-generation iPod nano also added the ability to record video and squeezed an FM receiver into its tiny frame.