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Remote areas won't receive iPad Saturday, but 'vast majority' will


Apple has paid UPS for special Saturday deliveries of its iPad on launch day, but some customers who live in remote areas will have to wait until Monday for the device to arrive at their homes.

All week, UPS employees Mike (@MikeAtUPS) and Thomas (@ThomasAtUPS) have been answering questions via Twitter from excited customers anxiously awaiting their iPad. Users have been sending their zip codes to the UPS employees to find out if Saturday delivery is available in their area.

"Gang, if you're not in a rural area (or, unfortunately, Hawaii), you should see your iPad tomorrow," Mike posted on his Twitter account Friday afternoon.

In other tweets, he said that the "vast majority" of iPads will be delivered on Saturday. In remote areas where UPS does not offer Saturday delivery, the iPad will arrive on Monday.

Most of the inquiries sent to Thomas and Mike show users being told they will receive their iPad on Saturday. However, a handful of those who have inquired will have to wait until Monday.

The employees also noted that although there is "confusing info" on status updates when tracking packages via, "operations are all on board for Saturday deliveries."

Earlier this week, iPads began shipping from their manufacturing location in Shenzhen, China. Many orders have sat for days at the UPS Worldport hub in Louisville, Ken.

After shipping began, some users began to receive e-mails from Apple notifying them that Saturday delivery is not available in their area. Apple also began refunding customers who had paid for expedited shipping of their iPad, as all devices ordered in time are scheduled for Saturday delivery, where available.

As of last weekend, Apple sold out of its initial run of orders, and new orders placed will not ship until April 12. In addition to direct purchases, the iPad will also be sold at all 221 Apple retail stores, most Best Buy retail outlets, and some Apple Specialist locations on the April 3 launch day.