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Apple's new iPhone and iOS 6 will wake you up to your favorite song

Among the more than 200 new features that Apple plans to incorporate into next month's release of iOS 6 will be an update to the software's alarm clock application that will have you stumbling out of bed in the morning to your favorite tune.

The little-mentioned feature, which originally turned up in the first betas of iOS 6 back in June, is bound to become on of the most adopted creature comforts of the company's new mobile operating system.

A study conducted last year by YouGov found that nearly 60% of all smartphone users age 16-34 employ their handset as their primary time piece, with roughly 25% of those users saying they also rely on their phones to wake them up in the morning.

While the current version of iOS 5 restricts alarm sounds to Apple's pre-defined ringtones or those purchased via the company's iTunes Store, the release of iOS 6.0 will offer the option for users to designate any song in their iTunes playlist as their custom wake up tune at no additional cost.

The option is available under the "Sound" selector when setting a new alarm or editing an existing alarm under the latest iOS beta. When the software makes its debut in a few weeks, you'll have the option to "Pick a song" from your iTunes playlist or quickly select a previously chosen song before confirming each alarm.

The enhancements to the alarm clock on the iPhone (and iPod touch) will also make their way to the iPad with the debut of the first Apple-authored Clock application for the tablet, which AppleInsider detailed back in June.

iOS 6.0 is expected to make its debut in early September, around the time that Apple officially takes the wraps of its next-generation iPhone on September 12th.