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Full D11 interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook now available

The full discussion with Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook and journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the D11 conference is now available for all to stream online in its entirety.

Clocking in at an hour and 20 minutes, the wide-ranging discussion covered everything from iOS 7 to the future of wearable technology and even the environment. Cook also went into detail on Apple TV sales, shared details on acquisitions and talked about opening up more iOS functionality to developers.

Unsurprisingly, Cook offered little insight into Apple's future product road map, telling Swisher and Mossberg that he prefers giving customers the element of surprise when unveiling new devices. But his open curiosity regarding the television market, wearable devices and more will undoubtedly lead to speculation about new markets for his company to potentially enter.

Cook also discussed Apple's current "one-a-year" iPhone release strategy. Though Apple is rumored to release a low-priced iPhone this year, Cook said that to date the tradeoffs in making multiple devices have outweighed the positives of making one solid device.

This year marked the second time that a discussion with Cook kicked off the annual conference put on by AllThingsD. Last year at D10 he talked about Apple's secrecy, his interest in building Apple products in America, and the success of Apple TV.