More videos claim to show functioning 4.7" 'iPhone 6,' massive 2915 mAh battery for 5.5" model

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With just over a day to go before Apple's highly anticipated media event, a slew of new videos from China claim to again show off functioning 4.7-inch "iPhone 6" units, complete with a new credit card toting Passbook icon. And yet another video offers a peek at a 2,915 mAh battery expected to power the jumbo-sized 5.5-inch iPhone.

A series of short videos purporting to show the 4.7-inch "iPhone 6" from China were published to Miaopai, appearing to show a fully functioning unit with apps installed and connected to Wi-Fi. The apparently operational, leaked unit lacks a SIM card but is shown running regular iOS applications downloaded from the App Store.

Like the other videos from the same user that leaked over the weekend, the latest leak again suggests that applications will continue to be displayed on the home screen in rows of four across. The icons are shown spaced out, appearing to be an iOS 8 home screen scaled to 4.7 inches.

A quick scroll through the Settings application shows off options for HomeKit and Health in the privacy section. But the poster noted they could not find any mention of near-field communications —  a function widely expected to be integrated into the next-generation handset for mobile payments.

On the home screen can also be seen what is alleged to be a new Passbook icon appearing to show a graphical representation of a credit card. The current Passbook icon features icons representing plane tickets, movie tickets, and store cards.

The leaker, who has the English word "Silent" as part of their username, also shows off what appears to be functioning Touch ID fingerprint sensing capabilities with the unit.

The unit is also consistent with earlier leaks claiming to reveal the design of Apple's next-generation iPhone. In the videos, the unit is showed with a slightly tapered glass front panel, rounding off into the edges of the device.

Though the video appears to show Apple's iOS 8 running as expected, there are some inconsistencies that raise the authenticity into question. For example, while no SIM card is installed, in previous images from the user, the carrier information section listed China Unicom. In addition, the user's thumb conveniently hid the handset's model and serial numbers, which are key to identifying new hardware.

In another lengthy video from China shown over the weekend, yet another purported "iPhone 6" unit is shown off in detail. In this video, the user shows off the device running native iOS 8 applications, including snapping pictures and comparing them side-by-side with an iPhone 5s.

The video also shows functioning Touch ID, and the new Passbook icon appearing to feature a credit card image.

On the hardware side, the unit is shown having the same look as leaked "iPhone 6" parts, including the protruding rear camera and circular True Tone flash. The bottom of the unit features a single microphone hole rather than an array, while the hardware again shows a lock button that has been moved from the top to the upper right side of the device.

All of the leaked videos, however, show off Apple's anticipated 4.7-inch version of the new iPhone. Not yet seen in such detail is the anticipated 5.5-inch model, though a new video posted by again suggests that version will feature a 2,915 mAh battery.

The purported iPhone battery shown off in the video is consistent with an earlier leak claiming to show the part for Apple's "phablet" style device. If accurate, it means the 5.5-inch "iPhone 6" would boast nearly double the 1,560-mAh battery capacity of Apple's current flagship iPhone 5s.

Apple is expected to show off the "iPhone 6," as well as the anticipated wearable "iWatch," at a media event scheduled for tomorrow at the Flint Center in Cupertino, Calif. AppleInsider will be there with live coverage, while Apple will also be streaming the event, which kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Readers can also install the official AppleInsider app for up-to-the-minute updates.