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Apple drops opposition to PCalc iOS calculator widget

Users who want a calculator in their iOS Notification Center can breathe easy after Apple dropped its request to a developer asking it to remove its widget feature.

Yesterday, the developer of PCalc was profiled as having run afoul of Apple's evolving and sometimes controversial App Store approval policies, after an app reviewer informed the company that it couldn't perform calculations within its widget, despite the entire app being nothing more than a calculator.

Apple offered a confirmation to TechCrunch today saying the PCalc app and its App Extension widget were not at risk from being removed from the App Store and that other calculator widgets would continue to be approved as well.

Specific to Widgets, Apple's documentation describes App Extensions as "providing quick updates or enabling brief tasks — for example, posting updates on package deliveries, the latest surf reports, or breaking news stories."

It also warns developers not to hog resources within widgets, noting that, "functionality that makes heavy use of system resources is appropriate for an app, not an app extension."

The company's App Store approval guidelines further outline that widgets must actually provide some functionality and can't display ads or incorporate in app purchases. Given that PCalc did not appear to be infringing upon any stated policy, the request to change the app appears to have been a mistake.