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Sony drops out of Steve Jobs movie, Universal rumored to take over

In a surprising turn of events, Sony is reportedly no longer attached to the upcoming Steve Jobs movie penned by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin and based on Walter Isaacson's biography of the tech guru.

Sony Pictures has not yet commented on the rumor first reported by, but Variety claims the film is now in turnaround following the development.

With Sony out, Universal Studios is rumored to take the reins and will green light production by the end of Thursday. With the quick changing of hands, the untitled Jobs film is unlikely to suffer serious setbacks, Deadline said.

Along with Sorkin, other big-name Hollywood players are said to be attached to the film, including director Danny Boyle and Seth Rogen as Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak. Following Christian Bale's decision to pass on the role of Jobs, the lead part has yet to be decided, though recent rumblings point to Michael Fassbender.

During an interview that aired earlier this month, Sorkin said the film is less of a biopic than a segment of Jobs' life told through his relationships with coworkers and loved ones. It was later revealed that Jobs' daughter Lisa will play a crucial role in the film.

Since it was announced in 2012, the big-budget film has been on the fast track to production, though the movie still lacks a lead actor. Previously, Leonardo DiCaprio was on board to play Jobs, while David Fincher and were at different times slated to direct.