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In-store Apple Watch pickup 'available soon,' Apple Store iOS app says

Apple is on the verge of offering in-store pickup for people buying the Apple Watch, although no exact timeframe is being quoted, checks of the Apple Store iOS app revealed on Wednesday.

While the Watch is still listed as "unavailable" for Personal Pickup when placing an an order through Apple's Web store, taking the same course in the Apple Store app now shows Personal Pickup as "available soon."

Since launch, Apple has limited Watch orders to deliveries and a handful of third-party luxury boutiques. The approach marks a radical departure from most Apple products, which are typically launched with stock available at as many retail outlets as possible, including third-party chains like Best Buy.

Today's change is consistent with plans to launch in-store sales of the Watch in June. That will be highly dependent on Apple's ability to keep up with demand however, particularly as Apple may also be planning a wider international rollout that month.

The tight restrictions may be traceable to botched Taptic Engines in early manufacturing. No faulty Watches are thought to have reached the public, but the problem may have severely reduced the units ready by April 10, when preorders opened.