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This week on AppleInsider: iPhone 6s launch, Apple Car in 2019, App Store infection & more

Apple's busy month continued not just with the launch of new iPhones and firmware updates, but also news of the first major malware infection on the iOS App Store, and rumors that an Apple car could hit roads as soon as 2019.

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Hackers sneak malware into App Store

By way of modified versions of Xcode hosted on Chinese servers, hackers managed to slip malware into dozens or even hundreds of iOS App Store titles, including prominent apps like WeChat and Didi Kuaidi. The gaffe was blamed largely on Chinese developers wanting faster Xcode downloads than those possible from Apple servers.

Apple responded by trying to ensure copies of Xcode were legitimate, and promising to host Xcode on local servers. Developers scrambled to make sure their apps were scrubbed and updated.

Apple issues iOS 9.0.1 as iOS 9 adoption tops 50%

On Monday Apple claimed that over 50 percent of iOS devices were already running iOS 9, based on App Store traffic. That conflicted with third-party numbers putting the figure lower.

To keep customers satisfied, the company issued iOS 9.0.1 just two days later. The code fixed launch bugs affecting alarms, video playback, cellular data, and the setup assistant.

watchOS 2 makes delayed introduction

Having missed an original Sept. 16 deadline, Apple released watchOS 2 five days late on Sept. 21. The wait was linked to testers discovering a serious bug at the last minute.

The firmware makes a number of additions to the Apple Watch, such as native third-party app support, greater watch face customization, Time Travel and Nightstand modes, and an expanded range of Siri functions.

Electric Apple car could arrive in 2019

Apple is reportedly racing toward the goal of shipping its first electric car in 2019. The company may be preparing to triple the number of workers on the project to make it happen.

Some sources suggested that even with best efforts, Apple could still miss that goal. The car is also expected to require a driver, though self-driving technology may come later.

iPhone 6s, 6s Plus debut to large crowds

Friday saw the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in 12 regions worldwide. Large throngs gathered at some Apple Stores as shoppers hoped to be the first to own the products.

Preorders began much earlier, on Sept. 12, but by early this week the company was completely out of stock for launch-day deliveries. People wanting a new iPhone before mid-October must now check retail shops as they replenish inventory.

First take: iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

AppleInsider managed to get an early hands-on with the new iPhone technology, exploring how features like Retina Flash, 3D Touch, and faster Touch ID make a difference in Apple's latest hardware.

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