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How to make iOS 9's default apps disappear

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While Apple is still working on an official method of dealing with unwanted default apps in iOS, a glitch in iOS 9 through 9.2 will let people temporarily push them out of sight.

As seen in the video below, users have to move the unwanted apps into a folder, and then drag them as far to the right as possible, beyond any and all of the folder's tabs. With an app still suspended "mid-air," hitting the Home button simultaneously will cause it to vanish.

Apps hidden this way aren't permanently deleted — instead, they return only once an iOS device is rebooted. Simply putting a device to sleep leaves them invisible.

Another trick will permanently conceal apps by way of invisible folders, but this involves a more complex set of steps, and using gray wallpaper to complete the illusion.

In September, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company is working on a way of removing some default apps. Other apps may have to remain however, as they're connected to critical iOS functions.