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Japan Apple Stores roll out iPhone screen protector installation service

Apple Stores in Japan are now offering screen protector installations using dedicated TrueClear Pro machines made by Belkin, with prices ranging from 2,180 yen to 4,280 yen (about $19 to $37) depending on material and size.

As noted by Mac Otakara, Apple Store employees in Japan have received specialized Belkin-branded tools to install iPhone screen protectors in-store, confirming a report from earlier today.

Seen in the picture set below, the process appears to be straightforward, leaving little room for user error. Belkin's installation setup is basically a plastic clamshell case with alignment guides cut specifically for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus handsets. An Apple employee situates an iPhone on one side of the machine and the protector on the other. Closing the device brings both pieces together, at which time the protector's wrapping can be removed to expose the product's adhesive layer, consequently bonding it to an iPhone's screen.

The TrueClear Pro machines, designed to work with Belkin's first-party protectors, save on material costs by decreasing the possibility of protector misalignment. If a customer is unsatisfied with the result, Apple is expected to try again with another protector, free of charge. The process is reflected in Belkin's own customer service policies as posted on the company's FAQ webpage.

A wider Apple Store rollout is expected in the coming days, though it is not clear if Apple plans to offer competing products alongside Belkin's solution.