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Apple retailer claims 2-3 month delay for W1-equipped BeatsX

Apple's AirPods aren't the only W1 wireless chip product having problems — a customer who pre-ordered the the BeatsX In-Ear Headphones has been informed that there will be at least a 2-3 month delay on shipping.

An AppleInsider reader was informed by authorized Apple reseller B&H that Beats still does not exactly know when they will ship the item. No additional detail was provided.

The BeatsX In-Ear Headphones utilize Apple's W1 chip, the same as the oft-delayed Apple AirPods. Apple's custom W1 wireless chip, allows for fast pairing, and a robust connection between an audio player and the audio device. The currently shipping PowerBeats 3 headphone includes the W1.

It is not clear what the problems with the AirPods, and the BeatsX are. One report from Friday claimed that continued delays for Apple's AirPods headphones are reportedly related to troubles in syncing audio between the two separate earpieces. However, that report was refuted by one later in the same day postulating that the issue was related to building the technology at scale.

In November, the same retailer claimed that the BeatsX would ship in December. Around the same time, Fry's noted a Dec. 5 ship date.