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This week on AI: Apple bows to pressure on iPhone batteries, iMac Pro ships, Amazon Echo wins Christmas & more

It might nominally be the holidays, but perhaps not for many people at Apple, as the company scrambled to deal with an ever-growing scandal over its decision to slow down iPhones with weak batteries.

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Everything you need to know:

  • Apple is offering $29 battery upgrades to appease iPhone owners > >
  • The iPhone slowdown controversy could see fines and prison sentences in France > >
  • South Korea wants answers on whether Apple tried to hide the slowdowns > >
  • The iMac Pro arrived at doorsteps and Apple stores > >
  • The Apple Watch could be getting a glucose reader, but likely not any time soon > >
  • Here's what it's like to unbox the iMac Pro > >
  • Amazon's Echo speakers gained an bigger lead over the Apple HomePod at Christmas > >

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A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

Apple apologizes for iPhone slowdown controversy, will reduce out-of-warranty battery replacement to $29

Criminal lawsuit over iPhone battery slowdowns filed in France, where planned obsolescence is illegal

South Korea probes Apple's decision to slow down iPhones with weak batteries

iMac Pro arrives at Apple's retail stores

Apple's non-invasive glucose reader for Apple Watch may be 'years away'

Video: Unboxing Apple's new iMac Pro

As Apple's HomePod misses Christmas, Amazon Alexa tops App Store charts for first time

First look: Benchmarks put Apple's entry-level $4999 iMac Pro to the test

Citing security, Apple's board mandates CEO Tim Cook use private jet for all business & personal travel

Computer History Museum will host Apple Lisa source code following review

Apple's first store in Saudi Arabia could open in 2019

Video: iMac Pro vs. 5K iMac, speakers and FaceTime cameras compared

Italian clothing maker defeats Apple, wins rights to use 'Steve Jobs' trademark