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Owners of Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE now have more US carrier choices

People who own or plan to buy an LTE-equipped Apple Watch Series 3 now have the option of two of the bigger regional U.S. carriers, and aren't just stuck with the so-called big four anymore.

Apple Watch Series 3

C-Spire announced sales of the LTE Series 3 on Tuesday. The device is available not just online and at the carrier's retail stores, but even via phone orders. New customers can get three months of Watch data free, after which the cost becomes $10 per month.

For a short time, the carrier is also selling the Series 3 for half off in conjunction with the purchase of an iPhone.

U.S. Cellular has been quietly added to Apple's official roster of Watch carriers. To date the carrier has been selling GPS-only Series 3 models, and the company still doesn't list any LTE models on its website.

C-Spire is based in Mississippi, and operates there as well as Memphis, parts of Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. U.S. Cellular is headquartered in Chicago but has a presence in 23 states, with about 5.1 million customers.

Apple just recently previewed watchOS 5, and is expected to ship a "Series 4" this fall. The wearable could switch to solid-state buttons, and even support EKG monitoring. Evolutionary improvements may include a slightly larger display and better battery life.