Zens announces 16 coil Liberty Qi charger for more flexible wireless charging

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Zens has announced a new wireless charger, giving users "complete freedom of placement" with a new wireless charging strategy.

Traditionally, most charging pads have a fairly small "sweet spot" where a device can be placed for wireless charging. Zens hopes to solve this problem with their new Zens Liberty wireless charger. By overlapping the 16 charging coils, Zens has expanded the active charging area considerably. Two compatible devices can be placed anywhere on the Zens Liberty charging pad to begin wirelessly charging.

The Zens Liberty comes with a 45W universal power adapter that features a USB-C connection and comes with separate plugs for the U.S., UK, and EU. A USB port is placed on the top of the charging pad, with the company claiming that reasoning behind the placement is part of a "new, world's first product introduction that will follow soon."

The Zens Liberty dual-wireless charger comes in two different varieties, the Kvadrat and the Glass.

The Kvadrat edition features a 90% worsted wool surface known as "Atlas." Atlas was created by Kvadrat in cooperation with Danish designer Margrethe Odgaard and boasts a unique pattern due to the nature of the material.

The Glass edition is a limited run that features a see-through glass surface. The 16 charging coils are visible, giving users a sneak peek into what makes their wireless chargers work.

The Zens Liberty Kvadrat edition will be $139.99 upon release, and the Glass edition will ship for $179.99. Both products will be available in November 2019.

We've taken a look at a five-coil charger in the past by Courant Catch, and recently learned about the OtterSpot, a portable, stackable, Qi-Certified charger from OtterBox.


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