Apple halts iOS 13.2 code signing following release of iOS 13.2.2

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Following the release of iOS 13.2.2 last week, Apple on Thursday ceased code signing of the previous iOS 13.2 build to ensure users are running the most up-to-date software on their mobile devices.

The iOS 13.2 code signing stoppage arrives a brisk seven days after Apple pushed out iOS 13.2.2 to patch a number of bugs, including an issue that caused background apps to quit unexpectedly.

With the change, users can no longer download iOS 13.2 from Apple servers.

According to release notes accompanying iOS 13.2.2 last Thursday, the update resolves the aforementioned background app problem, cellular service issues, a bug that in some cases caused replies to S/MIME encrypted email messages between Exchange accounts to be unreadable, an issue involving the Kerberos single sign-on service in Safari, and a charging problem related to YubiKey Lightning powered accessories.

Apple regularly ceases code signing to prevent users from installing old iOS versions following the release of a new version, a practice that keeps users safe from new threats and ensures devices are running the latest feature-rich software.

Second beta versions of iOS 13.3 were released earlier this week, delivering a slate of minor tweaks and fixes to the platform. Most notable is support for NFC, USB, and Lightning security keys in Safari.


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