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Mockups of 'iPhone 12' demonstrate flat sides and smaller dimensions

Purported 3D mockups of the forthcoming "iPhone 12" range

New 3D prints are showing off a trio of sizes for Apple's forthcoming 2020 "iPhone 12," and allege that the company is bringing back some familiar design features.

Images and video of a trio of purported "iPhone 12" mockups have popped up. The three mockups are broadly similar to the current range, with what may be an entry-level model like the iPhone 11, then a Pro version, and a large Pro Max.

Details of the mockups are described in a blog post by Macotakara. The site claims to have received them from sources within Alibaba, but it isn't clear if they were purchased from one of Alibaba's retail aspects, or from other sources within the company.

"From Alibaba Sources," says the blog, "I obtained 3D print mock called 'iPhone 12/5.3 inch' and 'iPhone 12/5.9 inch,' and compared it with current iPhone 11 [and] iPhone 11 Pro."

Each of the new mockups has a flatter side than the current iPhones, however, and this fits with previous claims by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He's said that the 2020 phones will resemble the old iPhone 4 in terms of its physical chassis. Also not clear if the prints are derived from Kuo's information, or if details have been sourced independently.

Most recently, other supply chain rumors have said that the "iPhone 12" will look like a slimmer and taller iPhone 11.

Macotakara's blog post and the 3D mockups match this. Specifically, Apple has been predicted to make iPhones with 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch screens.

"When I measured the screen size of the 3D print mock of the 'iPhone 12/5.3-inch' model, it was 5.3 inches," says the blog in translation. "The screen size of the rumored next 'iPhone 12' is 5.4 inches... but if it is, it seems to exceed the 3D print mock size. However, if the screen is all the way to the edge of the housing, it may fit into the corner."

The mockup with the 5.3-inch screen has a physical height of 131mm. In comparison, the blog says, the iPhone 11 Pro is 144mm. The mockup's width is 64mm, as compared to the iPhone 11 Pro's 71.4mm.

Similarly, the 5.9-inch screen model is 146mm compared to the iPhone 11 Pro 144mm.

All three phone mockups feature a similar imbalance in the number of microphone and speaker holes as seen on the iPhone 11 range, but here the number varies between models.

"The number of holes on the left side," continues the blog, "seems to be two for 'iPhone 12/5.3-inch', three for 'iPhone 12/5.9' inch, and four for 'iPhone 12 Pro/6.4 inch'."

Notice the different number of microphone or speaker holes.
Notice the different number of microphone or speaker holes.

On top of Macotakara usually uneven success rate, this blog itself says that "the authenticity is unknown."

Apple is expected to stage its regular unveiling of the next iPhones in September, but Ming-Chi Kuo has said there may be four models instead of the normal three.