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LG iPhone camera module factory closed after first coronavirus case

The coronavirus can be identified by its halo like ring

The LG Innotek factory that supplies iPhone camera modules has closed in Gumi, South Korea after the first case of coronavirus was discovered in the workforce, delivering yet another blow to the Apple supply chain.

As the coronavirus continues its global spread, more news of industry closings and event cancellations arrive each day. Sunday morning's closures include an LG Innotek and Samsung Electronics plant responsible for mobile device manufacture.

LG Innotek specifically affects Apple, as it is responsible for supplying the camera module for assorted models of the iPhone 11. The unannounced "iPhone 12" may also rely on LG Innotek, which does not bode well for its early production.

Reuters reports that the factory intends to re-open on Tuesday after the infected employee's floor can be properly disinfected. There are conflicting reports about this in South Korea, however, and AppleInsider is attempting to get clarity from LG on the matter.

The 2019 coronavirus has become a global problem, and we are only just seeing the results of its spread. Apple has backup production facilities in India and Japan, but it is only a matter of time before the backups are affected if the virus continues its spread.

Coronavirus infections vs deaths (data from WHO)
Coronavirus infections vs deaths (data from WHO)

The industry is feeling the effects of the virus as conferences are being cancelled, and stores and buildings being shut down.

Tim Cook is on record saying that the coronavirus is not a long term concern, as he is confident it will be contained. Apple is supplying relief to victims of the virus, and has even started sending care packages to Chinese employees.