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Apple debuts tvOS 14 with HomeKit Video picture-in-picture, better multi-user support

The new tvOS features

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Apple has debuted tvOS 14 at WWDC, with new features focusing on HomeKit, content viewing, and multi-user updates.

At Apple's virtual WWDC Keynote, Cindy Lin, Director and Program Manager for Media Products Engineering, has announced tvOS 14. Beyond just bug eradication, Apple has added a number of new features to the set-top box operating system.

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New tvOS 14 Features

  • Multiuser for games
  • Better PiP support
  • Camera feeds on TV
  • Photos app with AirPlay in 4K
  • New game controller support
  • Audio Sharing on Apple TV

When Apple first revealed the fourth-generation Apple TV, they promised that "the future of TV is Apps." While that hasn't exactly taken hold, Apple does offer many of their first-party apps on the platform. With the release of tvOS 14, more features from Apple's first-party apps make their way to the TV.

HomeKit enabled cameras will now show up in the Home View, now located in control center. If someone rings a HomeKit enabled doorbell, the camera feed will show up in a picture-in-picture window.

New multi-user support for Apple Arcade
New multi-user support for Apple Arcade

Switching between user accounts will now let you resume games in Apple Arcade right from where you left off. When you switch users from Control Center, current saves and Game Center data will populate in the Apple Arcade app.

Xbox elite 2 and adaptive controllers are now able to work with iOS and tvOS games.
Xbox Elite 2 and Adaptive Controller

The new Xbox Elite 2 Controller and Adaptive Controller for accessibility users will now work with games across the Apple ecosystem.

PiP works across many more app categories like fitness apps
PiP works across many more app categories like fitness apps

Apple has expanded picture-in-picture support across the OS. Now you can use fitness apps while watching live tv, or even use PiP with an AirPlayed video.

AirPlay also got an update so that users sharing their 4K video to a 4K TV will see their video in full resolution.

When using AirPods that support Audio Sharing on iOS, you can now use that feature on tvOS, and with the new spatial audio feature, you can experience movies together without disturbing the household, plane, or bus you happen to be in.