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Apple updates SF Symbols with 750 new icons and other features

Credit: Apple

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During WWDC 2020, Apple released a new version of its SF Symbols with more than 750 new icons for app designers and developers to use.

SF Symbols debuted at WWDC 2019 in the form of 1,500 vector-based and configurable icons for use in interface design. The symbols integrate with Apple's San Francisco system font, can be used in AppKit and UIKit, and are available in Apple's SF Symbols macOS app.

The new SF Symbols 2, which Apple detailed during its all-virtual developers conference, includes 750 new symbols for devices, health, transportation and more. They can be used across Apple's platforms on iOS 14, macOS Big Sur and the company's other 2020 software updates.

Additionally, there are 150 new preconfigured, multicolored symbols that can dynamically adapt with system UI changes on Apple's platforms.

Other improvements to SF Symbols include improved localization for different dialects and scripts, refined optical alignment and organizational enhancements to the SF Symbols app.

SF Symbols are available for developers to use, though Apple notes that they should be used as-is and not customized. The macOS app is available from Apple's developer portal.

Since their release, support for SF Symbols has also been incorporated into third-party apps like Pixelmator Pro.