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Imminent iMac launch rumors doubted by prominent leaker

A prominent leaker has cast doubt on rumors that a 2020 iMac update will take place this week, instead suggesting that the product refresh is more likely to take place in August, though without any major redesigns.

Over the weekend, a tweet from a relatively unknown leaker started circulating, putting forward the claim that Apple was preparing to launch a new iMac "this week." The tweet from @Soybeys also went further, suggesting the launch itself could happen earlier in the period, on the Monday.

A second tweet from another leaker, @Jioriku, added to the iMac rumors by writing "The iMac redesign is not coming for this 10th-generation Intel refresh. They are saving it for their own silicon," referencing Apple Silicon.

Late on Sunday, prominent leak reporter Jon Prosser dismissed the claimed launch this week with a single word attached to a screenshot of a headline reporting on the supposed launch: "Nope." In a second tweet, Prosser goes on to suggest it will be later, advising "If you want the new iMac, keep an eye out for August."

While there is some dispute over timing, there does seem to be a general belief that some form of product launch is on the way. On July 19, fellow prominent leaker @L0vetodream suggested "some products are ready to ship," without saying exactly what, while a mid-June DigiTimes report claimed new iMac and iPad models were destined for release in the second half of 2020.

Despite being negative about the first of the two tweets, Prosser does seem to have backed up the second, ending one of his tweets with "No redesign." This seems to be fairly logical to deduce, as it would be expected for Apple to withhold any major design changes for a major update, such as the introduction of Apple Silicon.

Icons found in an alleged iOS 14 build in June offered the suggestion Apple was redesigning the iMac to include a design that is reminiscent of an iPad Pro, complete with thinner bezels.