Apple steps up promotion ahead of 'Time Flies' event

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The September 15 event is now featured on the Apple home page, and YouTube viewers have started seeing ads for the event.

Previously listed on Apple's event page, the September 15 event has now been promoted to the top spot on the company's official front page. Plus, a six-second introductory video has started popping up on YouTube pre-roll videos.

Unusually, it appears that Apple's own streaming of the event will solely be carried on its US website. Other territories are showing the same new "It's almost time" headline, but then say "Watch a special Apple Event on our US site."

The event will stream worldwide over YouTube, and Apple appears to be readying how that will look. Apple's YouTube ad is labelled as a "YT Pre Roll" and is likely a preview of the general graphical styling of the event.

The "Time Flies" event is expected to concentrate on the launch of the next Apple Watch, previously thought to be called the "Apple Watch Series 6." Recent rumors have said that this year's release may instead feature an "Apple Watch Pro."

There are still rumors that Apple will use this event to announce the forthcoming "iPhone 12" range as well. However, it's more likely that Apple will launch a new iPad, and possibly also the long-expected "AirTags."

For full details of what is expected, and the odds of each appearing, check out the continually updated AppleInsider preview of the event. AppleInsider will also be covering the launch live from its start at 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET.


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