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Users can now set Microsoft Outlook, Edge as iOS 14 defaults

Credit: Apple

Apple's newly released iOS 14 allows users to set third-party email apps or browsers as default options, and Microsoft has already added support.

The iOS 14 update, released on Wednesday, lets users set third-party apps as their default web browser or mail client. With support added on Apple's end, developers must also make their apps compatible with the feature.

Microsoft's Outlook email client supports the iOS 14 feature at launch. Users can now set Outlook as their default mail client by heading to system Settings, tapping Outlook, and selecting "default email app."

The same goes for Microsoft's Edge browser, which was updated earlier in the week to support the new iOS 14 feature.

Other popular email providers, such as Gmail, can not yet be added as a default client. Google Chrome, however, does support the option.

Not every mail and browser app will pass muster, as Apple has some guidelines for software that can be set as default alternatives. For example, apps need to meet performance benchmarks and ensure that certain mail scheme specifications are met.

That said, the rules are fairly flexible. Mail apps can include user-set mail screening parameters, for example, a feature offered by Basecamp-created email service Hey.