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Apple releases iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates

iOS 14

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iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are now available to the public with new features and performance improvements.

Apple announced iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 at WWDC in late June with new features like App Library, new widgets, and App Clips. The software is available now to support the new iPads, and prior to the "iPhone 12" announcement expected in the coming weeks.

iOS 14 Features

App Library and Widgets

App Library
App Library

The Home screen has been changed for the first time since its debut on the first iPhone. Users can now remove all of their installed apps from the Home screen to be stored in the App Library.

The App Library acts as an app repository where installed apps are automatically organized into app categories and can be found using a search bar at the top of the screen. Navigate to the right-most screen to see your App Library.

Users can remove any or all apps on their Home screen, or hide entire pages. Hiding pages allows users to have purpose built Home screens that can be revealed at different times, like for work or a project.


For the first time, users can now bring widgets onto the Home screen. The widgets come in multiple sizes and can be placed anywhere on the screen among the apps.

Widgets can stacked on top of each other for fast switching. There is also a Smart Stack option which will automatically show the most relevant widget throughout the day.

Compact UI

Another major design change is coming to iOS 14 called Compact UI. Previously, users would see the entire display taken over by the Phone app anytime a call came in, or Siri would take over the display and obscure whatever relevant information was on the screen.

Compact UI with Siri
Compact UI with Siri

Now, all interactions that previously took over the screen only take up a small portion of it. Phone calls slide in from the top as a notification widget, Siri acts as a small ball of light at the bottom of the screen, and Shortcuts execute from notification panels as well.

This change has been a long requested feature from users who did not want their screen taken over at any random time due to a phone call or inadvertent Siri activation.


Along with Compact UI, Siri saw some other changes across the system. Siri Intelligence has been upgraded to better understand the user and remember queries between Siri interactions.

One example includes a short interactive adventure featuring "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," where users can choose what happens via responses to Siri. This occurs when asking Siri to "tell me a story." Even if the interaction is ended and Siri is summoned much later, the assistant will ask if you'd like to resume the story or start over.

Siri Translate app
Siri Translate app

Siri will handle language translation on Safari webpages or a new app called Translate. Users can open the app and paste text in for an instant translation, or speak into the app for real-time translation and playback. The feature exists entirely on-device via machine learning for maximum privacy and security.

Privacy and Security

There are several behind the scene changes to how data is shared across iOS. When an app accesses the clipboard, camera, or microphone a small banner will display at the top of the screen.

When the camera or microphone is in use, a small colored dot will appear above the signal bars on the right side of the status bar, green for camera and orange for microphone. When the control center is accessed a small banner will be displayed at the top of the screen showing the last app to access either the mic or camera.

App Clips

App Clips are miniature app experiences
App Clips are miniature app experiences

With iOS 14, users can tap an NFC sticker, click a link, or scan a special QR code to access a "Clip." These App Clips are lightweight portions of an app, required to be less than 10MB, and will show up as a floating card on your device. From there, you can use Sign-in with Apple and Apple pay to complete a transaction in moments, all without downloading an app.

Other Features

  • iMessage group chats have threads and member tags.
  • CarKey enables the iPhone to replace your key fob in compatible cars
  • HomeKit cameras will recognize faces and objects
  • Watch Youtube in 4K HDR
  • AirPlay 4K video
  • Picture-in-Picture support on iPhone
  • Emoji search within the keyboard
  • Set your default email and web browser app
  • Find My will allow third-party accessories like Tile to show up in app
  • FaceTime eye correction returns
  • Dark Sky provides up-to-the-minute forecasts in the Weather app

iPadOS 14 Features

Apple continues to update iPadOS separately from iOS due to the differing hardware. All the features mentioned before are available in iPadOS 14 with the exception of App Library. The new widgets are limited to the "Today View" on iPads.

Compact UI changes how Siri and Universal Search works on iPad too. When Siri is on the screen, users can still interact with the content behind it. Universal Search does not obscure the entire screen, taking on a Mac-like design.


iPadOS 14 lets you write in text boxes with Apple Pencil iPadOS 14 lets you write in text boxes with Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil can now be used to hand write data across the OS. Any text entry block can be written in and the handwritten text will turn into typed text in real-time.

Text select gestures like tapping to select a word now work with handwritten text. Users can copy and paste handwriting even when its written in multiple languages. Data detection also works for phone numbers or addresses written with the Apple Pencil.

Apple apps now feature macOS-like sidebars Apple apps now feature macOS-like sidebars

Apple has changed the UI of many of its first-party iPad apps. They now resemble Mac apps with persistent sidebars for navigation. Some apps like Voice Memos can show three panes of information at once in portrait or landscape orientation, though Apple has not made this work in every app.