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Some iPhone 12 cases are shipping without speaker holes

Credit: zarnold16

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Some of Apple's iPhone 12 cases appear to be shipping out to customers without speaker holes on the bottom, according to user reports.

The defect seems to affect the new MagSafe-compatible cases for Apple's new handset. Although the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro officially drop on Oct. 23, accessory orders have been arriving throughout the week.

At least two separate users have received defective cases, per two different Reddit threads.

One Reddit user said that an Apple advisor told them the case wasn't meant to have speaker holes, but that isn't true. Without them, the sound from the device will be muffled. Other cases received by customers also feature the speaker holes.

It appears that this is a fairly uncommon issue, and anyone who receives a defective speaker case should be able to get a replacement by contacting Apple Support.