Fifth 'Experiments' video uses iPhone 12 Pro camera to show 'Dark Universe'

Titles for 'Experiments V: Dark Universe'

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Apple has released new videos showcasing the low-light and Dolby Vision capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro, with "Experiments V: Dark Universe" taking viewers on a light-filled visual journey.

The fifth in its "Experiments" series of videos, the fifth installment "Dark Universe" focuses on changes Apple made to the camera system in the iPhone 12 Pro. Shot by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite, the brief 1 minute and 51 second-long video takes advantage of the iPhone's ability to shoot in very dark situations and to record HDR video, to create the abstract film.

"We wanted to push the iPhone 12 Pro with its Dolby Vision and low-light recording capabilities to the limit," a quote reads alongside the video.

Shot in a portrait orientation instead of the usual landscape, the video moves from close-up shots of plasma balls and tubes to glitter in motion, soil-like material shifting around, ferrofluids, plumes of ink in water, silks in motion, and other elements, with the overall concept of seeming like other-worldly events.

Throughout, the video takes advantage of black backgrounds and colorful subjects, though not all are brightly colored. Some elements are similarly dark, counting on the capabilities of the camera to pick up finer details and darker shades.

Like other videos in the series, a behind-the-scenes video is also provided, showing how Incite shot some of the scenes. While the team relied on traditional filming techniques for some of the shots, some unusual apparatus was required in some cases.

For one shot, an iPhone was dangled over a debris-covered sheet over a piston, and was used to film the flying material. However, to get an extra shot of the camera zooming in, the team also dropped the iPhone, counting on its optical image stabilization system to steady the camera during freefall.

The previous "Experiments" video used the iPhone 11 Pro to film "Fire & Ice." The third experiment concentrated on water, the second employed a bullet-time rig and 32 iPhone XR cameras, and the first showcased the time-lapse and slow-motion capabilities of the iPhone XS.