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Apple launches iPhone 12 Studio to promote cases and wallet

Apple has launched the iPhone 12 Studio, an experience that lets potential iPhone 12 owners virtually try on different color combinations of accessories for their smartphone.

Launched on Saturday, the iPhone 12 Studio is the iPhone equivalent to the Apple Watch Studio, the Apple website's page that allows users to pick and choose different colors of Apple Watch and bands to find their perfect combination. This time around, it is all about personalizing the iPhone 12.

Visitors to the iPhone 12 Studio will be able to select from the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max models, in each of their available colors. Users can then select a case for the device, as well as a MagSafe Wallet, which are then virtually put in place on the onscreen device.

Once selected, users are then asked to enter their name, then to select from one of two different views of their iPhone, and lastly to download. This results in an image of the iPhone and accessory combination, along with the hashtag #iPhone12studio.

The move is likely to have the same intentions as the creation of the Apple Watch Studio, in assisting customers with getting accessories they like the look of, and potentially encouraging the purchase of extra items like the wallet. The creation of an image with the user's name and the use of the hashtag is also framed to enable sharing of the user's design via the tool on social media.

Unlike the Apple Watch Studio, users of desktop browsers are encouraged to visit the site from their smartphone or tablet, via a QR code.

The range of cases and wallets for the iPhone 12 range were inspired by the depth of gemstone colors, Apple's designers revealed on Monday, with prototyping of the new accessories likely to have started within the company over two years ago.