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Apple releases new macOS Big Sur build for specific Mac models

Credit: Apple

Apple has released a new build of macOS 11.0.1 for certain Mac users who have not yet installed macOS Big Sur on their devices.

The new build comes about a week after Apple released the previous macOS Big Sur build, 20B29. The build released on Thursday has a build number of 20B50. AppleInsider has confirmed its availability in Apple's developer portal, under the mainline release section.

Although it isn't clear what's different in the new macOS Big Sur build, macOS 11.0.1 was the launch version of Big Sur for everyone Mac except those equipped with an M1 chip. Because of that, the 20B50 build may have under-the-hood improvements exclusive to Apple Silicon.

The new software update can be downloaded on Mac devices needing the update, using the Software Update menu in System Preferences.

Apple's macOS Big Sur is a major update to the Mac operating system, and introduces a complete design overhaul, new widget options, significant updates to Safari and other apps, and some features to kickstart the Apple Silicon transition.

The device-specific macOS builld comes a day after Apple released iOS 14.2.1, an update that contained bug fixes for certain iPhone 12 models.