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Amazon launches short-form gameplay video service GameOn on iOS

Credit: Amazon

Amazon has launched its short-form mobile gameplay recording platform GameOn on iOS, making it available on iPhone and iPad devices.

GameOn, unlike Amazon's Twitch streaming platform, centers on shorter video clips between 30 seconds and five minutes long. It also features a heavier focus on mobile gaming, such as games found on the iPhone and iPad App Store.

Amazon says the platform allows mobile game players to "capture and share mobile gameplay clips with friends, connect with gamers, and join app-wide challenges."

The GameOn app is compatible with more than 1,200 mobile games. Users can personalize clips with commentary and other editing tools, and share them to the built-in GameOn community or to social media. A Recall Recording feature lets users record the last 30 seconds to two minutes of gameplay.

GameOn also features a clip discovery feature, allowing users to find gameplay videos based on their interests and skill levels. The platform integrates challenges that users can win by sharing clips and getting votes from other gamers.

The GameOn app is a free download on the iOS and iPadOS App Store.