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Apple adds Siri support to Apple TV in more countries

The new Siri Remote

Users of Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD can now search for movies and shows using Siri in several more countries.

Apple has updated its Apple TV set-top boxes to include full Siri functionality in Austria, Ireland, and New Zealand. It comes ahead of the shipping of the newly revised Apple TV 4K, which will be available in each of these countries from May 21.

Users in Ireland and New Zealand can now talk to Siri in English. For users in Austria, Siri is now in German.

Apple does not tend to announce these additions, they are simply added to a support document about where you can use Siri. Certain other Apple support pages, such as the Apple Pay countries list, are only updated sporadically and can be out of date by some months.

Nonetheless, this is the first time that support page has been updated with a new country or language since the 2018 addition of Portuguese for users in Brazil.

Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD users with full support in their local language are able to hold down a button on their remotes to summon Siri. They can then use it to search for films by specific titles, or request general recommendations.

That search facility varies by region, even when full Siri support is available. Apple maintains a separate list of all television and streaming providers that Siri is able to search across, and in which regions.

The new Apple TV 4K comes with a revised Siri Remote that moves the Siri button to the side. It otherwise retains all the functionality, where available.

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