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The Road to WWDC 2021 — This Week in Apple

In the week ahead of Apple's developer event, we look at what to expect at WWDC 2021, more iPad Pro and MagSafe rumors, firmware and betas, and Ted Lasso.

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Building up to WWDC, AirPower's still alive, and emails from Steve Jobs

Most of the focus of this week is actually on next week, with Apple set to commence its annual WWDC event, including its all-important keynote on Monday. Along with the usual expectations of major operating system updates, there's always a chance that Apple will bring out some hardware updates, and during a two-year transition to Apple Silicon, that makes new Macs very likely.

Returning to this week in particular, the rumor mill discussed the iPad Pro gaining a glass back and MagSafe support, new MacBook Pro models, and changes for the inbound "iPhone 13" including a larger battery. There's also talk of AirPower, Apple's ill-fated multi-device charging pad, which may not be completely dead yet.

We also talk about updates to AirTag, the second round of the current operating system beta roster, and Nanoleaf Elements HomeKit lights. Emails from co-founder Steve Jobs also surface, and as for Apple TV , there's good news for fans of The Mosquito Coast and Ted Lasso.




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