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Apple plans new 'Apple Watch SE,' faster models, extreme sports version

Source: Jon Prosser

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The 2021 "Apple Watch Series 7" for 2021 will be faster with a better screen — and Apple is reportedly working on more health features, and an extreme sports model alongside a revised entry-level Apple Watch for 2022.

Following recent claims that the "Apple Watch Series 7" is to feature a redesigned chassis, a new report says that the primary difference is to be in performance and the screen. While not ruling out a redesign that might feature flatter edges, the new report says only that the casing may be marginally thicker.

According to Bloomberg, the extra thickness of the 2021 will not be noticeable. Apple has reportedly also been testing thinner display borders for the Watch, as well as a new lamination method that is said to bring the display closer to the front cover.

Beyond that, Bloomberg claims that the new "Series 7" will feature a faster processor, and some improvements to wireless connectivity that includes Ultra Wideband. The previously-rumored glucose monitoring feature will not be in the 2021 Apple Watch, and remains several years away.

This Bloomberg report backs up previous claims that Apple is working on a more ruggedized Apple Watch. Unlike the previous reports, however, this extreme sports edition is now said to be due in 2022.

Alongside this "Explorer," or "Adventure," version, Apple is reportedly also preparing a new entry-level Apple Watch for 2022. The range is expected to then include the sports version, the revamped Apple Watch SE, and also the "Apple Watch Series 8."

That 2022 "Series 8" release is predicted to have a body temperature sensor, as Apple continues its push to add more health features to Apple Watch.

Although Apple will not announce the new "Apple Watch Series 7" until later in the year, it has revealed at least the major details of its forthcoming watchOS 8. It, too, concentrates on health, with the introduction of a new mindfulness app plus improvements to its fitness and workout features.

There is also a new Walking Steadiness feature, which measures the wearer's gait as they walk. Tracking the detail over time, it can determine a person's steadiness and alert them if it deteriorates.

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