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'Apple Watch Series 7' could use smaller chips to fit bigger battery

The 2021 "Apple Watch Series 7" upgrade to a thinner "S7" processor could help squeeze a bigger battery into the wearable device.

The "Apple Watch Series 7" is, as usual, anticipated to include improved features and performance compared to previous models, such as the Apple Watch Series 6. According to one report, a change in chips being used may enable Apple to beef up the battery life.

The supply chain report from UDN on Monday claims the new model will launch alongside the regular iPhone refresh this fall. The "S7" processor it uses will apparently be physically smaller, courtesy of a double-sided system-in-packagem which will provide more internal space within the Apple Watch body.

This extra space won't go to waste, with Apple believed to take advantage of the space to add in more hardware. While additional sensors are usually expected, the report proposes that Apple will be placing a larger-capacity battery inside the unit.

Along with battery life, previous reports and rumors put the new Apple Watch as having a redesigned chassis with flatter edges and a marginally thicker casing. Using thinner borders, the Watch could use a new lamination method to bring the display closer to the surface of the front cover.

Wireless improvements have also been claimed, with support for Ultra Wideband expected. A ruggedized version intended for extreme sports has also been proposed, though that may not arrive until 2022.

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