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Sketchy rumor suggests Apple VR glasses that work with 'new iPod' coming at WWDC 2022

Credit: The Information

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A highly questionable rumor from an equally dubious source suggests that Apple's first virtual reality headset will debut at WWDC in 2022 and could closely integrate with a "new iPod."

The rumor comes from augmented and virtual reality evangelist Robert Scoble, who said that he has learned that an Apple VR headset will debut at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in 2022.

Scoble added that the reason Apple will debut it in the summer is because a "new iPod will be a huge deal for Christmas." He says that the iPod will introduce "many of the experiences ... in the headset," adding that they will work together.

Further details about the Apple VR headset and the iPod were scarce, but Scoble hinted that the latter device could feature a "mind-blowing audio experience" and would be a "great controller for an AR world."

There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about the rumor, including a subsequent tweet from Scoble himself.

Scoble does not have a solid track record when it comes to Apple rumors. Back in 2017, for example, he incorrectly predicted that Apple would debut a pair of augmented reality glasses in partnership with Carl Zeiss that year.

However, more reputable source have confirmed that Apple is largely thought to be working on several different head-mounted devices with augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities. That includes a visor-like device that would focus on virtual and mixed reality (MR), which would mean immersing a user completely in a virtual environment.

Reports differ on the specifics of that device — including its price. On the other hand, both well-regarded Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and technology news site The Information have forecast a 2022 launch date.

According to Kuo, the MR visor would be the first of Apple's head-mounted products. It would be followed by a lighter "Apple Glass" headset that would use augmented reality to overlay information onto the real-world. Kuo even predicted that AR contact lenses would arrive by 2030.

The image included isn't from Apple. It's a mock-up produced by Antonio De Rosa based on drawings originally published by The Information.

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