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iPad mini design revealed in purported case mold leak

Claimed iPad mini case mold leak (Source: Techordo)

What's claimed to be a case mold for the forthcoming iPad mini redesign appears to confirm expectation of thinner bezels, and Touch ID in the power button.

Following recent rumors of an iPad mini refresh, and previous claims about its design, a new case mold showing the physical size and shape has reportedly been leaked.

According to Techordo, the case mold shows that the traditional Home button has been removed. This allows for a narrower bezel on the bottom edge of the device, and the rest of the display has similarly slimmer edges.

The removal of the Home button necessitates Touch ID being added instead to the power button. This was first done with the iPad Air, in what Apple engineers called an "incredible feat."

Case molds are produced by manufacturers who are producing accessories, such as cases. It's not common for Apple's case molds to leak, but it has happened before.