'Transformers: Tactical Arena' lands on Apple Arcade this Friday

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Apple Arcade will net another exclusive title this Friday with the launch of "Transformers: Tactical Arena," a competitive, real-time PvP strategy game featuring a laundry list of familiar "Transformer" characters.

Developed by Red Games Co. and set to launch on Nov. 5, "Transformers: Tactical Arena" is a card-based strategy game that pits players against one another in real-time combat.

Players climb up the leaderboards as they unlock new characters, structures and tactical support cards that expand play style options. Legendary cards can be played two ways, allowing for on-the-fly strategy shifts and surprises.

Gamers can collect and level up their favorite Transformers by playing and winning matches. Mixing and matching characters, abilities and other cards enables a variety of play styles, while unlockable arenas add a bit of visual spice.

Daily and weekly challenged offer rewards and keep the game fresh.

Apple Arcade subscribers can register to download the title when it becomes available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS this Friday.

Apple Arcade subscription prices are set at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year as a standalone purchase. Apple offers a free one-month trial subscription for new customers and all Apple One bundles include the service. Users are granted access to a constantly growing catalog of games that recently topped 200 titles.