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Spotify Car Thing accessory now widely available in the US for $89.99

Spotify Car Thing. Credit: Spotify

Spotify has officially launched the Car Thing, an $90 accessory meant to make using the music streaming service easier and more seamless while driving.

The Spotify Car Thing is now widely available to order in the U.S., a little under a year before the product was made available as part of an invite-only release in April 2021. Spotify eventually opened a waitlist for the product, but as of Tuesday, anyone in the U.S. can order it.

According to Spotify, the device is designed to provide a "a more seamless and personalized in-car listening experience." The device is essentially a remote that allows users to control playback from their devices using a combination of voice commands, touchscreen controls, and buttons and knobs.

Users will be able to quickly access music and podcasts using a "Hey Spotify" voice command. That could provide an easier way for iPhone and iOS users to control Spotify on their devices without needing to take their eyes off the road.

In addition to the initial release of the hardware, Spotify also announced that it's developing user-requested features like a Night Mode that dims screen brightness and an Add to Queue voice command that will let users set up podcast and track queues.

The device requires that users have a Spotify Premium subscription and a phone with a mobile data plan. It retails for $89.99 and is available at Spotify's website.