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This is the best tool to safely clean your AirPods or AirPods Pro

How to clean your AirPods

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Earwax is nasty. Compound that with dirt and debris, and AirPods can get filthy in a hurry. This tool makes it easier than ever to clean your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or other in-ear earbuds safely.

Earbuds, especially Apple's all-white AirPods, have a knack for getting dirty. Ear wax is constantly regenerated within your ear canals, so some always manage to get on the buds no matter how often you clean your ears.

Similarly, your ears have plenty of naturally occurring oils that get on your earbuds which will then attract other lint and debris. At the same time, the tight nooks and crannies make it difficult for typical cleaning tools to be effective.

To that end, many users have come up with their own solutions for keeping them clean, like canned air, cotton swabs, alcohol wipes, microfiber towels, or a combination of the four.

There is a better option.

A weird-looking tool

This odd-looking tool from Hagibis — though there are similar brands — was made to help deal with these common issues.

The microfiber end of the cleaning tool
The microfiber end of the cleaning tool

It's a two-sided device with three tools built-in. One side is a long microfiber pipe cleaner-like end. It's soft, and dirt clings to it, similar to a duster.

The pointy end of the cleaning tool
The precision end of the cleaning tool

The middle can then be pulled out and flipped to reveal the other pair of tools. One of the tools looks akin to a ballpoint pen - sans ink — and the other is a small brush with soft — yet stiff — bristles.

Cleaning our earbuds

Cleaning inside the AirPods Pro case
Cleaning inside the AirPods Pro case

The microfiber pipe cleaner end is perfect if you need to clean your AirPods case. It's long enough to get into the deep charging holes on the inside of the case.

Cleaning around the silicone on AirPods Pro
Cleaning around the silicone on AirPods Pro

For the earbuds, we use the precision tools on the flip side. With AirPods Pro, we run the metal tip around the interior edge of the silicone ear tip to get anything off the sides. If the grille looks like it is dirty, you can use the metal tip to gently rub against the mesh to carefully dislodge any debris.

Use the brush on the delicate grille
Use the brush on the delicate grille

Finally, on any earbuds, including the third-generation AirPods, you can use the small brush to get any remaining dirt from the end of the earbud.

Grab your own cleaning tool

Not everyone needs a dedicated cleaning tool, but if you want to make sure your earbuds are as clean as possible, you can give this tool a try. Amazon has them available for around $9. However, they're currently on sale with a 5% off instant coupon.

In 2021, Apple introduced its own Apple polishing cloth. While roundly mocked for its $19 price tag, it immediately sold out — and is good for cleaning screens.