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Apple Pay launches in Argentina and Peru

Users in Peru and Argentina are reporting that Apple Pay is now available in their regions, with support from 11 banks across the two countries.

Other than Apple having stopped Apple Pay in Russia, the rollout of the service has continued. Now, following previous rumors, the service is now available across both Peru and Argentina.

According to Pisapapeles, Apple Pay is now officially supported by 11 banks.

  • Argentina:
  • Banco de Galicia S.A.
  • Banco Macro S.A.
  • Banco Patagonia S.A.
  • BBVA Argentina
  • Brubank
  • Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
  • Peru:
  • Credit Bank of Peru (BCP)
  • BBVA Bank Peru.
  • International Bank of Peru - Interbank
  • Rappi Bank Peru
  • Scotiabank Peru S.A.A.

Reportedly, there has been no official launch from Apple. However, the publication says (in translation) that it has had reports from several users who have been able to add their credit and debit cards to the service.