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Leaked images show Apple's dual USB-C charger

Apple's reportedly forthcoming 35W dual USB-C charger has now been shown in leaked images that also reveal folding prongs.

Shortly after an Apple support document revealed the existence of the charger, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that it was entering mass production. Now a new set of leaked images show what it will look like.

The three images appear to be renders rather than marketing photos, but they appear to show a charger that is around the same size as the existing single-port one. They also show that the two prongs can fold back into the charger body.

ChargerLab, which released the images, is previously known for teardowns of chargers, including that of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The charger included in the Apple Silicon 16-inch MacBook Pro was Apple's first GaN charger, and the new dual USB-C charger is expected to use the same technology.

The original Apple support document was removed shortly after posting. Apple has not made any official announcement about launching such a dual charger.