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Apple Stores start accepting Tap to Pay across US

Tap to Pay allows users to accept contactless payments with no further hardware

Apple's Tap to Pay, the contactless feature that lets one iPhone user pay another without any extra hardware, has begun to roll out to Apple Stores nationwide.

Following an earlier trial at the Apple Park visitor centre, Tap to Pay is now coming to all US Apple Stores.

According to Bloomberg, the feature began rolling out today, although it's not known how long it will take to reach every store.

Tap to Pay was announced in February 2022, when it was said to be launching by the end of the year. It's not intended to be exclusive to Apple Stores, rather it will be available to US businesses who want to adopt it.

The first business to announce adoption was Stripe, which launched a closed beta program for its customer firms in February.

In Apple Stores, it means that staff should be able to retire the current "Isaacs," the modified iPhones with a secondary device attached for taking credit cards. Now any iPhone running the latest version of iOS will be able to accept transactions through Tap to Pay.

Equally, any updated iPhone will be able to pay another user, whether that's a business or an individual.