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Apple hid AR trading card booster packs in the WWDC event page

Open a booster pack to see what AR WWDC cards are inside

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An interactive set of AR cards can be found on Apple's WWDC event webpage in yet another example of its web-based AR format.

Apple has been known to hide whimsical AR objects in its event invite webpage, but this is the first that is fully interactive. Tap on the Memoji characters gathered around a laptop on an iOS or iPadOS device to begin the AR experience.

You'll be presented with a booster pack showing the Apple WWDC 2022 logo. Tap on it to see it ripped open to reveal three cards.

Each of the three cards have a different Memoji character on the front and a silhouette on the back. Tapping on each card presents a the card so it can be viewed from any angle.

Three interactive cards appear and can be tapped to view directly
Three interactive cards appear and can be tapped to view directly

Previous examples of Apple's AR invites include a warp speed tunnel you can move within and a pinhole Apple logo with an entire mountain valley hidden inside. Apple doesn't usually leave hints within the invites, but people are sure to speculate.

Use the link in the tweet below to jump directly to the AR .usdz file in Safari.

WWDC 2022 will begin on June 6 and will be streamed live on the Apple TV app, YouTube, and Apple's website. Apple is expected to introduce new operating system updates like iOS 16 or possible new hardware like an AR headset.